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Story board

  1. 1. Story Board Analysis<br />Close up<br />Long/mid<br />Eye level<br />High angel<br />Low angel<br />Shallow focus<br />Deep focus<br />Pan/track/crane/stedi cam<br />Framing<br />Zoom<br />Focus pull<br />
  2. 2. Type of shot camera movement<br />Mise en scene<br /><ul><li>Mid shot
  3. 3. Eye level
  4. 4. Deep Focus
  5. 5. Centre framing
  6. 6. Zoom </li></ul>This clip is captured through a tunnel. The tunnel is brightly coloured yellow. This may indicate happiness, this may also have a more conceptual meaning as the tunnel may represent the idea of being stuck or looking for something/<br />This part of the music video it is built on darkness, this maybe to emphasis the light on light as the men carry the light beams on their back, this may represent chasing the light which could mean a brighter future or chasing the dream.<br /><ul><li>Mid shot
  7. 7. Deep focus
  8. 8. Tracking
  9. 9. Slight low angle</li></ul>This picture also includes bright colours, with a major contrast of the face covered out in black, the reason the face is blacked out maybe because they are showing the importance of the guitar player, comparing this to the lead singer who always usually has his face at the screen.<br /><ul><li>Mid shot
  10. 10. Slight low angle
  11. 11. Quick Cut</li></li></ul><li>Type of shot camera movement<br />Mise en scene<br />This is another clip of the lead singer, there are various different shots of this which is used to highlight the importance of him. <br /><ul><li>Fish eye lens effect
  12. 12. Mid shot
  13. 13. Deep focus
  14. 14. Centre framing</li></ul>Once again this is another picture of the lead singer, in this picture has used shallow depth of field, this may once again be used to indicate the importance of the lead singer.<br /><ul><li>Shallow depth of field
  15. 15. Eye level shot</li></ul>This is a long shot of the guitarist, it is a simple room with bright white walls filled with blue chairs, this may indicate loneliness.<br /><ul><li>Long shot
  16. 16. Quick cut</li></li></ul><li>Type of shot camera movement<br />Mise en scene<br />A quick shot of the lead singer disguised in a rhino head playing the guitar. The rhino head may represent that fact that the lead singer is not actually playing his correct roll in the band that is why he has disguised himself in another outfit.<br /><ul><li>Medium shot
  17. 17. Quick cut</li></ul>A cut of in the brick wall where the lead singer stands, this may indicate ‘breaking the mould’.<br /><ul><li>Medium shot
  18. 18. Deep focus
  19. 19. Quick cut</li></ul>All of the shots which involve the guitarist are short shots which once again indicate he is not as important as the other group members. He is also in a room filled with lights and he is stood in darkness with himself blacked out.<br /><ul><li>Long shot
  20. 20. Quick Cut</li></li></ul><li>Type of shot camera movement<br />Mise en scene<br />the lead singer is standing on steps which also show he is more powerful, the foam begins the pour on the guitarist, this shows the contrast between the lead singer and guitarist and indicating who is in control. <br /><ul><li>Long shot</li></ul>A small area of the image is in focus at any one time, this is used to focus the audience's attention on one character. We can see that the guitarist and lead singer are both in the same shot but they have a large distance between them.<br /><ul><li>Long shot
  21. 21. Shallow focus
  22. 22. Mid shot
  23. 23. Eye level
  24. 24. Deep Focus
  25. 25. Centre framing</li></ul>The room is dark with mirrors reflecting the image, the lead singer is also shining a red light which is pressed against his face.<br />