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Music posters


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Music posters

  1. 1. Music Posters<br />
  2. 2. Britney<br />This poster of Britney Spears is a typical ‘girly’ picture yet sexy and seductive.The bright pink colours connote young girls, this poster on one hand represents the very sweet typical young girl which Britney is as the main colours are pink, she is wearing a cute pink bikini combined with black heels which contrasts to the theme of the poster and shows a serious sexy and seductive side to Britney.<br />Most of the elements of the poster are girly and glamorous, the writing which says ‘Britney Spears’ is covered in diamante which indicates her glamour and typical girly side, as every girl adores diamonds. The writing on the other hand is in bold lettering which once again is in contrast with the diamante infill, this may indicate although Britney is a young and sweet, she is also a strong independent woman. The writing which also says ‘Britney Spears’ is the biggest writing on the page, and having it bolder than the other writing which makes it stand out and show that Britney is the main importance of the poster.<br />Having a pink background also adds more vibrancy to the picture, having a Smokey/cloudy background connotes fantasy as the background looks cloudlike, but also sexiness as it seems like she is coming out from the smoke which also brings more attention to Britney who is stood in a very open pose, in minimal clothing. The way Britney poses represents her more authoritative side as she has her hands behind her head which show that she is not shy and her legs slightly apart with one foot firmly on the ground while the other is pointed which once again gives a sense of her being more relaxed and laid back, as her hair is down and partly covering her face this may also indicate her being more laid back, with a slight bit of hair covering her eye which my imply that although most of her body is on show, there is a lot that is hidden and more will be revealed.<br />
  3. 3. Cher<br />This is a poster advertising Cher’ s single ‘believe’ the poster has a dark background which gives a more mysterious feel as she is also dressed in dark clothing, darkness also connotes threat, indicating that the artist is so successful she may be a threat to other artists. Her dark clothing also helps bring attention towards her face which may be used for promotional reasons as the main attention is focused on her face, there is a sharp contrast between Cher and the dark background, her coming out of the darkness, may indicate that she is coming back into music and having creating a new upbeat image. Using a bright image with stands out may also represent the type of song, which may be a more upbeat tune. Cher’s bright red hair is very bold, indicating that she has released a new song which is fresh, vibrant and different to other songs which she has previously released.<br />The way her body is bent forward with her hands open suggests an inviting pose to the audience, as she is leaning towards the front slightly which gives a feel of her being closer to the audience. <br />The colour of Cher’s hair also matches her lips, which gives a more sexy seductive feel, this may have been used to appeal to male fans also as the over all poster is girly. Also using bright splashes of bright colours gives a feel of fantasy, as her hair looks sleek and her skin looks pure gives a sense of perfection in her image.<br />Using the bubbles on the page also link to the fantasy look which is being represented on the poster, they have smaller pictures in some of the bubbles which may indicate that the story has a narrative with in the lyrics, but also these pictures which are shown are a fraction of the size of Cher’s main image, giving the idea that Cher is the most important feature. The bubbles also look like spot lights which are placed around Cher, giving a sense of Cher being the main piece of the poster.<br />The wording has been kept minimal and Cher’s name is the biggest writing on the page which shows that she is the most important, also having her name would help promotional reasons as audiences will see the artist and know what type of music is trying to be sold. ‘Believe’ is also written in red which matches the theme of the poster and connotes a sexy feel, but also a fantasy feel as her hair makes her look like as fairy tail character.<br />
  4. 4. Madonna<br />This is a double sided poster of Madonna which is of two close ups of her face, using close ups gives the audience a closer insight to her expression, both the pictures are the same but different shots of her face, although the pictures look nearly identical we are able to see two very different sides to Madonna's personality which are shown in the two different pictures.<br />In the first picture it shows a more masculine, but sexy business woman side to Madonna, she is looking down which may suggests although she seems very masculine and in control, she may not be all the time and that she has got a weaker more vulnerable side to her and she has her eyes closed and faces down. As her hair is swept across her face hiding some of it this may indicate that her personality is hidden beneath her hair and make up. This picture of Madonna seems more seductive as the red tie gives a sense of sexiness, but also reminds us that Madonna is also highly established business woman and has a fierce masculine element to her which has helped her become the star she is today due to hard work.<br />The second photo is more feminine and fairy tale like, her head is placed higher and her neck is stretched out, indicating that this picture is more uplifting and shows a softer more feminine side to Madonna. Her hand is shown in front of her in this picture which contrasts with the other picture where her hand is pushing her head down, <br />this may connote her two personalities, the business side to her which is pushing her, and the other side to her which shows a more relaxed softer side of her. On her hand we are able to see something which looks like starts going up her arm onto her hand this may indicate a more angelic side to her which isn't the pushy/ fierce business woman that the media portray her to be. Other details also connote the feminine side to Madonna such as her diamante earring and white tie which show both her feminine side but her successful business woman side as she is wearing diamonds which are known to be expensive.<br />Other photos are also added to the poster have different colour backgrounds adding a more vibrant girly feel to the poster, and also other pictures in memory of Madonna through the past.<br />