Equipment audit


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Equipment audit

  1. 1. Equipment Audit
  2. 2. The Dolly This Camera is known as the Dolly, it is a camera which is placed on wheels so people are able to push the camera with ease, this is useful for following action which is happening as a quick pace and is kept stable. As the camera is on wheels the most effective way of using it would be on a smooth service, this would give the best result as it would be able to glide with ease, this may not be so useful if you are shooting outside on uneven surfaces, such as pavement. The Crane The crane is used to shoot from different angles, it enables people to shoot from high above and also low, this is effective if you are filming a live performance such as a band as it would need to be able to shoot the whole band in one shot. It also has a controller for the person shooting so they can move the camera smoothly.
  3. 3. Spot light Spot lights are usually used when filming a performance, either live performances to make a artist stand out, or when shooting a video the spotlight can create different effects, it can create a dramatic effect by being placed behind the performance to give a silhouette look, or other effects such as flashing lights, and glowing effects. The Sony HVRA1E This is a small light weight camera which can be carried with ease to allow shooting in different areas, the benefits of this camera is that you are able to shoot in HD quality to give your film a more clear and precise view.
  4. 4. The Cannon XM2 This is another small compact camera, this camera is useful because its able to film in low light conditions, so when doing an outdoor shoot this camera would be more ideal. The Fill Light This is used mainly when filming in green screen as the fill light is extremely bright and to give a better effect using green screen as it would give a more clearer precise finish when using green screen. The Visual Switcher This device allows you to use four different cameras at the same time and keep track of them on the visual switcher. There are two different screens, one screen is for you to view the four different shots and the individual one is for the final piece being put together.
  5. 5. Autocue This will be needed when shooting my music video as it may be difficult for the actors to remember the words to the song, this will be there to prompt them and help them. this is usually used on live television and news readings. The Cannon 550D This is a picture camera, but may be effective when filming as it is able to take consecutive pictures which you can put together and give a effect over time, it can also shoot in depth of field which keeps an object in focus and blurs the background out.