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Wks #1 properties of acids and bases


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Wks #1 properties of acids and bases

  1. 1. Name ____________________________________________________ Group _________Date ______________________________________________________ List # ________ Worksheet #1 Properties of Acids and Bases1.- List five general properties of acidic solutions.2.- List five general properties of basic solutions.3.- To what ion did Arrhenius attribute the properties of acidic solutions? _____________Of basic solutions? _____________4.- Indicate whether each of the following is an acid(A), a base(B), a salt(S) or other(O)a)HNO3 b)KOH c)KNO3 d)HCN e)HC2H3O2f)NaCN g)H2SO4 h)Al(OH)3 i)H3PO4 j)CH3OH5.- A Bronsted-Lowry acid is ______________________________________________A Bronsted-Lowry base is _________________________________________________6.- Indicate whether each of the following statements indicates an acid (A)or a base(B):a)causes vinegar to have a sour taste b)neutralizes basesc)produces H+ in solution d)has a soapy feele)turns litmus red f)is an electrolyte7.- Write the conjugate base of the following:a)HNO2 b)HC2H3O2 c)H2CO38.- Write the conjugate acid of the following:a)HSO4- b)NH3 c)OH-9.- Identify the conjugate acid-base pairs in the following equationsa) HClO4 + H2O  H3O + + ClO4 – c)C6H5SH + H2O <-> C6H5S - + H3O+b) HC2H3O2 + H2O <-> H3O + + C2H3O2- d)NH3 + H2O <-> NH4 + + OH-10.- What would you use to remove the scale build-up in your bathroom, an acid or a base?Explain.