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2.7 date


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2.7 date

  1. 1. Days and Months
  2. 2. Days of the week Weekdays weekend
  3. 3. Months of the year
  4. 4. Months of the year
  5. 5. Ordinal numbers 1 st first 2 nd second 3 rd third 4 th fourth 5 th fifth 6 th sixth 7 th 8 th 9 th 10 th seventh eighth ninth tenth 11 th eleventh 12 th twelfth (last)
  6. 6. The first month of the year is_________. The seventh month is_______. The third day of the week is_________. The last day of the week is________.
  7. 7. After Before January February March The month before February is January. The month after February is March.
  8. 8. Before After Tuesday Wednesday Thursday The day before Wednesday is Tuesday. The day after Wednesday is Thursday.
  9. 9. ticket
  10. 10. Exit ticket I. Write the ordinal number 1. 3rd 2. 7th 3. 12th II. Write the correct answer 4. The day before Friday is________. 5. The day after Monday is________. 6. The sixth day of the week is__________. 7. The month before March is_________. 8. The month after July is_____________. 9. The fifth month of the year is________. 10. The eleventh month of the year is_____________.