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La Multi Ani


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Published in: Art & Photos
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La Multi Ani

  1. 1. Andrei
  2. 2. docendo discimus - pentru omul care a invatat intr-un an cat altii in 10. Denis
  3. 3. Laur
  4. 4. "Strength and honor, Dutch brother!“ Billy
  5. 5. It's fun to stay at the YMCA Carmenushi
  6. 6. In times of crisis, it is ok to have a big smile Bianca
  7. 7. “Hwappy, hwappy birthday Alexandra
  8. 8. Seriously waiting for another party with you and your mojo :D Ola ola eeee La multi aaani! Ola ola eeee sou loco la multi ani beibe!  Laura
  9. 9. A little bit of light for the sleepless nights (although I do hope you’ve changed your <bad?> habits), for good ideas, for an “illuminated” life and for anything else you might wish.  Take care of yourself on that “little” boat of yours :D La multi, multi ani!!! Irina H 
  10. 10. Have a brilliant birthday (eco tequila style)! Gaby
  11. 11. ' La multi ani Robert! Sa fii vesel si tanar mereu ca o VIP spring party!'  Monica
  12. 12. "La multi ani si la cat mai multe reusite si zambete pe masura!:)“ Irina
  13. 13. La multi ani Disco buddy!