PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11                      MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11          BOATS DUE: 4-28-11             ...
PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11                      MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11               BOATS DUE: 4-28-11        ...
PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11                      MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11                 BOATS DUE: 4-28-11      ...
PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11                  MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11                 BOATS DUE: 4-28-11          ...
PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11                    MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11                  BOATS DUE: 4-28-11       ...
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Cardboard Boat Project Overview


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An overview of the cardboard boat regatta project for high school physics.

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Cardboard Boat Project Overview

  1. 1. PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11 MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11 BOATS DUE: 4-28-11 RACE DATE: 4-29-11 The First Ever GPN Physics Cardboard Boat RegattaBackgroundThe first-ever Cardboard Boat Regatta took place in 1974 at Southern Illinois University. Dr.Richard Archer, a professor of Art and Design, came up with the idea of designing and racing acardboard boat as a final exam for his freshman design classes. Since this time, the idea hascontinued to grow and Cardboard Boat Regattas have become annual events at many schools,lakes and campgrounds across the country. Many of these regattas are affiliated with the GreatCardboard Boat Regatta, the official, trademarked cardboard boat race circuit stemming fromthis original event. Though the event was started in the realm of Art & Design, cardboard boatsillustrate numerous principles of physics. This makes physics a perfect place to do a project likethis.With the Great Cardboard Boat Regatta as our inspiration, we are pleased to announce that aPhysics Cardboard Board Regatta will be held at Grosse Pointe North High School on FridayApril 29, 2011! Our Cardboard Boat Race is designed to be a fun, culminating activity for youand your friends to help celebrate our year of hard work in physics. You will be part of a teamcomprised of four to six students, although only two students per team will actually ride in theboat. Friends, parents, and guests are invited to watch as we prove that physics really floats ourboat!GoalTo use physics principles to design and build a cardboard boat that can be paddled by twostudents across the pool and back.Permitted Materials Corrugated cardboard  Wood glue  Measuring tape Utility knife  Acrylic latex caulk Straight edge  Creasing tool Tape (of any kind)  Clamps
  2. 2. PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11 MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11 BOATS DUE: 4-28-11 RACE DATE: 4-29-11Boat Construction Rules 1. Boats must be made entirely out of corrugated cardboard and should fit two rowers. 2. Boats may be no longer than 8 feet and no wider than 4 feet. 3. Joints and seams may be taped, caulked, and/or glued. 4. When taping seams, only 1.5 inches of tape can overlap the seam. 5. Materials other than those listed above are forbidden. 6. Boats must be free of sharp edges and anything else that may pose danger to others. 7. The name of each boat should appear above the water line in at least 4 inch letters. 8. Boats can be decorated with permanent markers. 9. All boat names, designs, themes, etc. should be school appropriate. 10. Both people must be visible in the boat. 11. The passengers of your boat may not be enclosed above their shoulders by the boat (e.g. no submarines.) 12. You must be able to get your boat to the school! 13. Your boat must fit through the doorway!!Design Tips from the Pros  Apply Archimedes’ Principle of Buoyancy as well as Newton’s Third Law  Come up with a design and build a small prototype. (If you can’t build a small one; you won’t be able to build a big one!)  A flat bottom is recommended. A V-shaped bottom is more likely to tip over.  The lowest center of gravity is the most stable. You are more likely to tip when kneeling or standing (think of a hammer: which way is it most balanced on a table, head up or head down?)  Longer boats go faster but they are harder to turn.  Shorter boats are difficult to steer.  For height, allow about 18 inches to sit and paddle effectively.  For width, plan about 18 inches for a kayak design, 24 inches for a canoe design, and 30 inches for a rowboat design.  Design and build strength into the seams and corners.  Apply Liquid Nail or caulk to all seams.  Add multiple layers to the floor of your boat.  Don’t step on the cardboard to fold it!  Best advice ~ Fold a lot, cut sparingly: you want as few holes as possible!!Constructing Your Team’s Boat  Make a small prototype model of your design out of cardstock paper (due 4/5/11)  Use your prototype as a scale model for each of your boat’s pieces.  Cut a pattern for each piece from newspaper (like a stencil, so you don’t make mistakes on the cardboard.)  Affix each pattern piece to your cardboard before cutting, and then cut around the newspaper pattern for each piece. Pay attention to the grain (direction of corrugation) of the cardboard.  Build the bottom of the boat first ~ two to three layers of cardboard glued together and weighed down until dry.  Cut the sidepieces. Cut against the grain of the cardboard to increase durability. Use the dull side of your knife when scoring to make creases/folds.  Affix the sides to the bottom with tape and/or glue. Clamp pieces together until adhesive is dry.  Caulk all seams. (Avoid oil-based caulk and glue because cardboard soaks up oil and it weakens the cardboard.)  Decorate your boat!!! Choose a theme, color scheme, or motif. Avoid decorations that will fall off in the water.
  3. 3. PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11 MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11 BOATS DUE: 4-28-11 RACE DATE: 4-29-11GradingYou will be receiving a group grade for this project and are expected to be a contributing member of your teamin some way that can be documented or demonstrated. Students who do not contribute significantly will begraded accordingly.Points for boats will be awarded as follows:  50 points ~ Any boat that makes it to school on time  80 points ~ Any boat that makes it off the starting line with its two rowers  85 points ~ Any boat that successfully navigates one-quarter of the course  90 points ~ Any boat that successfully navigates one-half of the course  95 points ~ Any boat that successfully navigates three-quarters of the course  100 points ~ Any boat that successfully navigates the entire courseJudges AwardsFive extra credit points will be awarded to all team members who receive a Judges Award for any category:  Vogue Award ~ best looking boat  Norsemen Pride Award ~ most creative design  Best Dressed Team Award ~ most creative dress, theme or costumes  Team Spirit Award ~ most spirited team  Titanic Award ~ most spectacular sinking!  Fastest Finish Awards ~ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for fastest times in any heatVolunteersA number of volunteers are needed to help run the actual competition ~ timers, line-up crew, recorders,boarding help, photographers, journalists, slide show, etc. If you are interested in helping, please let me know.
  4. 4. PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11 MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11 BOATS DUE: 4-28-11 RACE DATE: 4-29-11 Helpful WebsitesThe Great Cardboard Boat Regatta official website If these little kids can do it, you can too!! High School Students in Pool Lots of photos from past GCBR races. More sample boats. Look at photo 130 for a spectacular sinking!! Another cardboard boat race event . . . A really cool cardboard boat! More simple, doable boats Help: How to Build a Boat with pictures Tips from folks at the Great Cardboard Boat Regatta Help: The Great Cardboard Boat Regatta Message Board
  5. 5. PROJECT ASSIGNMENT DATE: 3-29-11 MINI-BOAT MODEL DUE: 4-5-11 BOATS DUE: 4-28-11 RACE DATE: 4-29-11 The First Annual Physics Cardboard Boat Regatta Date/Time: Friday, April 29th 8:00AM Location: Grosse Pointe North High School Pool and Gym Participating Classes: Mr. Abud’s and Mr. Pata’s Physics Honors Physics AP PhysicsEvent Rules 1. All boats must be in the designated drop-off area by 7:00 am the day of the event for teacher inspection and judging. Late arrivals will not be allowed to compete in the regatta. 2. Boats will be lined up according to heat number. The Captain of each team is responsible for ensuring that the boat and all team members are where they are supposed to be. Heat numbers will be assigned ahead of the event. 3. Boat occupants must wear an approved life preserver/vest. 4. No arms or legs may be in the water to assist with stability or propulsion. 5. Boat occupants should be able swimmers (non-swimmers cannot captain the boats.) 6. Certified lifeguards will be present. 7. Only team members of participating groups will be allowed on deck during a given heat. 8. If your boat capsizes or sinks, you must first remove all of your boat debris from the pool, and you must exit the pool as soon as possible (other boats will still be racing!) 9. There is NO swimming or diving in the pool during this event. Violators will receive a zero!! 10. To qualify as a finisher, both teammates must be in the boat at the end of the race. 11. Upon finishing your heat, you must immediately dispose of your boat properly. You may then enter the pool area and watch the remaining heats. 12. Depending on the number of boats participating, the regatta will either be based on overall finish time or a single-elimination bracket.  All boats must be in the designated boat drop-off area by 7:00am.  Dress appropriately 1) for school; and 2) for the pool!  Bring a towel!!  Be courteous of locker room space!