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2 the origins of english language


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2 the origins of english language

  1. 1. The Origins of English Language Gabriel Fernando Jara Muñoz
  2. 2. Christian Era Geographical Scenario Celtic languages spread over southern part of Europe Latin dialect spread with the growth of the Roman Empire Germanic languages spread with the german tribes
  3. 3. Language in Contact Celts Germans Romans TRADE CONQUEST MILITARY CONTACT Genetically Mixed
  4. 4. Language in Britain Celtic languages 4 BC. Britain and Ireland are know as the Pretanic Islands Britannia was the name adopted by the Romans who turn into Britain by the Germans ICENI TRIBE BRIGANTES TRIBE Caledonian TRIBE
  5. 5. Language in Britain Northumbria, Mercia, West Saxon, Kentish Four Great Kingdoms 9 th Century The early settlements grew into kingdoms Exxes, middlesex, surrey, Sussex Anglo Saxons Kingdoms English 6th Century Tens of thousands of Anglo-Saxons crossed the North Sea and settled on the east and south coasts of Britain Germanic Migrants English 5th Century Introduced Latin by the occupying forces, however Celtic still remained as a language in Britain Visit of Julius Cesar Latin 55 BC
  6. 6. Early English Dialects Written Variety Tribes & Kingdoms Prestige Dominant Northumbrian Mercian West Saxons Kentish Anglian Pronunciation differences Alphabet Runes Christianity Latin Connected Text Letters Complex vowels Had a great deal of Because of the Who had Only if Were the like spoke had Used an Based on Because of the Impose by the creating using for
  7. 7. The Survival of the Celt Germanic Tribes from North-west Germany invaded the British Isles and settled down in the eastern part of Britain The Celts defeated by the Anglo-Saxons moved to the northern and western part of the British Isles, where Celtic survived They became the English