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My TED Talks assignment

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Jose ramosted talk

  1. 1. Jose Ramos Public SpeakingInstructor J. Melton
  2. 2. Salman KhanSalmanAmin KhanBorn in October 1976 andthe founder of KhanAcademy, a nonprofitorganization dedicated toeducate students utilizingvideos and interactiveexercises.
  3. 3. While working as a hedge fund analyst Khan developed some instructional videos thatchanged the way to teach. By reinventing education Khan provides a solution tostudents who need a little bit more to understand the concepts given at school, andmakes them available anywhere anytime.
  4. 4. The idea for his Academy started by helping out his cousins in another statewith their Math problems by uploading videos in YouTube for them to learn.By making them available to the public people began to express how greatthis idea was. Today there are more than 2,200 videos that cover differentareas of study.
  5. 5. His unique way of teaching in videos lasting about 15 minutes each and then having the studentsanswer interactive exercises until they master that skill helps the student understand theconcepts at their own pace, whereas in a classroom if the topic has been completed by the classthe next topic would be started and a lot of the times students wouldn’t have mastered the skillcompletely.
  6. 6. Lets use video to reinvent educationDuring his speech Khan discusses how he created Khan Academy to helpstudents master skills at their own pace. He speaks about the educationalvideos and interactive exercises that can be used by anyone anywhere in theworld.
  7. 7. It is very interesting how Khan started his speech by utilizing a montage ofdifferent educational videos that are available at his academy showing theaudience how they actually work. This gave a clear idea of what he wasgoing to be speaking about.
  8. 8. In order to keep his audience interested in what he was talking about, he usedfunny anecdotes of actual student comments, he maintained a clear tone ofvoice and utilized slides, videos and personal experiences to keep the audienceinterested on his speech. YouTube Comments: “First time I smiled during a derivative” “Same thing here, I actually got a natural high and a good mood for the entire day since I remember seeing all of this matrix text in class, and here I’m all like, I know kung fu.”
  9. 9. Khan is a very dynamic speaker I would rate him a 5 of 5. His vast knowledge of histopic and the desire of letting people experiment his idea of instructional videos is avery unique one. It kept me wanting more information about his academy and how itwould benefit my kids.
  10. 10. Using clear slides, simple videos, and a clear idea of what he wanted to dodemonstrates how he utilizes Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte’s tips andinfluences to convey his thoughts during his speech.
  11. 11. During Khan’s talk he maintains eye contact with all his audience maintains hisaudience interested in his topic, which is key to deliver a clear speech.
  12. 12. Sir Ken Robinson in both his talks reaches his audience by using comedy andexperiences from his life in order to maintain the audience interested, just likeSalman Khan.
  13. 13. Also, both speakers know about the topic they are talking about and both deliver aclear message to their audience using slides and interactive materials.
  14. 14. Here is my recommendation to you fellow classmates, before you make aspeech make sure you know about your topic, maintain a good tone ofvoice throughout your presentation, and always use your own personalexperiences as a way to engage with your audience. Khan makes great useof these tips when giving his talk and makes it really enjoyable andinformative at the same time.
  15. 15. Here is the link to the TED talk I used it is very interesting and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did