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Visual Resume


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Visual Resume

  1. 1. Only 1 out of 3 businesses will last past the first 10 years . -SBA
  2. 2. You don’t want to be this guy.
  3. 3. “It’s not thestrongest of the species thatsurvive, nor themost intelligent,. but the ones most responsive to change.” -Charles Darwin
  4. 4. Hello.My name is Gabrielle.
  5. 5. nd oI’ma heret ! y ouh elp
  6. 6. 2009-2010 Johnson & Wales University. Event & Sports Management
  7. 7. What I Did: Worked for Student Activities.
  8. 8. id:W ha tID ged ana g & M arketin DJ m it y forpublic itions. com pet
  9. 9. Wha Man tID Ov e age id: d “F r th ash e De ion Eve cad nts. es”
  10. 10. What I Did: ined va luable Ga erienc e with exp market ing of the MLB.
  11. 11. 10- 2012 20 sity. il U niverFull S a ess. sic B usin Mu
  12. 12. hat I Did: W d on ncen trate Co & pu blicmark eting core tions withrela work.
  13. 13. I ma r k e te a bo d&p okin ublic from g co iz ed the g mpa roun ny d up .
  14. 14. It re quir lot o ed a f wo rk...
  15. 15. they were but s oon having d shows! packe
  16. 16. ma y be So you elf... ng y oursaski ?
  17. 17. how can this help my company?
  18. 18. Text uara ntee I can g l take you I wil e to help the tim eed. y ou s ucc
  19. 19. ntify yourI wil l id e ants sum er s w co n eds. & ne
  20. 20. I’veaccomp lished itbefore & I’ll do it again.
  21. 21. sted? C ontactIntere me for mo re info! lle Porter Gabrie 037 18) 323-5 (5 er@m rielleport gab