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G dudgeon pitch package

  1. 1. December 14, 2012Katy BennettMarketing SpecialistUniversity of Kentucky Public Relations and Marketing1C Matthews BuildingLexington, KY 40506-0047Dear Ms. Bennett, The University of Kentucky Student Activities Board (SAB) has flocked to a newvirtual sphere where they tweet and FaceTime 24/7, in dorms, on sidewalks, inrestaurants, and any time of the day with net savvy students. The Internet capability and availability for students has increased substantiallyand opened a new venue for marketing and promotion. Because SAB has an inherentresponsibility to be responsible in the administration of student-funded finances, enrichstudents’ lives, and reflect their diverse interests, it was advantageous to explore thepotential of the utilization of social networking. The benefits of social networking, inclusive of it being inexpensive, theconvenience, the trendiness, and the student interest was researched was analyzed.Surveys and questionnaires were conducted to ascertain the feasibility of utilizing socialmedia networking in promotional campaigns. SAB staff, advisors and faculty, afterreviewing the surveys and crunching numbers, collectively decided to adopt it as part ofits promotional campaigns. This new implementation of social networking by SAB is providing inexpensiveand very effective promotional strategies for their sponsored events and activates. Socialnetworking using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube, have beeninstrumental in successfully connecting with UK students. This connection has generatedinterest and resulted in an increased attendance at SAB sponsored events. SAB hasdetermined that social networking has been a successful promotional strategy and intendsto continue its utilization for future promotion campaigns.Sincerely,Gabrielle Dudgeon
  2. 2. ITP Feature Story10/252012 ThursdayContact: Gabrielle DudgeonFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAB Utilizes Social Media for PromotionsLexington, KY (Dec. 14, 2012)- A mouse and a click transports students to a virtualhighway where they can transverse lanes of information. Because of the convenience andthe accessibility of the Internet, University of Kentucky Student Activities Board (SAB)has decided to make interaction easier for all students anywhere an Internet connection isavailable. SAB has initiated a new strategy of connecting with the student body. Studentshave the opportunity to view all the SAB sponsored activities and it is not onlyaccommodating, but also effective, informative, and entertaining. Grace Hahn, a facultyadvisor and former member of SAB, is coordinating and supervising students in the newendeavor. "We have opened a highway on the Internet,” said Hahn. “This will providestudents with an opportunity to decide their preference in regard to the proposedactivities." SAB began the strategy this fall in response to advanced technology and itsavailability to an ever-increasing majority of the student body. The SAB promotions teamplans a reinvigoration of the promotion and marketing of events through the advanced -more-
  3. 3. technology available to students. "It is simple, we have the technology, the Internet, and we decided that we shouldtake advantage of it,” Emily Collier, director of public relations for SAB said. “The socialmedia promotions target a larger audience of students and proves to be cost-effective.” SAB has a long history of more than 70 years in the promotion of activities for theenrichment of the student body. To continue the valued tradition of the events, it was aninherent responsibility that new promotional efforts must be made. In the past, SAB has utilized promotions that are paper oriented, time consuming,and sometimes inadequate in connecting with all of the students. The failure to connectwith students is reflected in the lack of interest generated and the low attendance of eachevent and activity. “We have seen a decrease in interest and decline in attendance at some of themost popular events,” said Hahn. By tracking attendance through event evaluation questionnaires, SAB confirmsthe increasing necessity to reach students in innovative ways. Student responses recordedin the questionnaires, reinforce the idea to build attendance, SAB needs to utilize theInternet to promote events. “Questionnaires guide us in the direction the students want us to take,” saidWeston Dicken, director of marker research for SAB. “They speak and we listen.” For easy accessibility, students can simply click on the website and view all theevents. The improved social media allows students to coordinate their schedules with theevent by simply viewing the overall event calendar. -more-
  4. 4. In terms of financial benefits, SAB will be able to save substantial funds thatwould have been utilized to purchase advertising materials, such as posters and handbills.These savings can be reflected in more quality events and activities. “We’re lucky to have a substantial budget, funded through student fees,” saidHahn. “We are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of our events andsaving money through social media allows us to do that.” The website can be designed with visual displays and affects to reflect the activityor event in a manner that will best showcase it. This additional enhancement on postersand handbills would constitute more financial investment, where as on the Internetfacilitated by the talents of the promotions team, it would incur no additional expense. In addition to the main website, SAB has established Twitter and Facebookaccounts as a means of promoting their activities and events. SAB is promoting thesesocial networking websites through contests under the guidelines, when the number of"likes" reaches a certain milestone, a winner is chosen and is awarded a prize. "I am confident that this new strategy of utilizing the Internet will enable SAB tomove forward into an advanced technological era," said Collier. Before deciding to begin this new venture, SAB did an informal survey todetermine the availability of computers, smart phones, and E-Reader devices. It wasdetermined that more than 80 percent of University of Kentucky students had personalInternet capability and those who did not, could access it through the library, friends, orin computer labs. The survey was also utilized to determine the amount of time and how often -more-
  5. 5. students were surfing the Internet, specifically UK websites, Facebook, and Twitter. Theanalysis of the survey supported the theory that social networking was a viable option asa facilitator for the promotion of SAB events. “Students are busy, hurrying from class to activity, and no longer paying attentionto posters hanging in Whitehall or in the gym, but now they are spending all their freetime online,” said Collier. SAB is the first of many student organizations taking advantage of the upsurge ofsocial media promotions. Student Government, Center for Community Outreach, andAlternative Spring Break are also incorporating some of SAB’s methods for promotions. “We strive to be at the head of the curve and we pride our reputation on beingcutting-edge on our promotions,” said Hahn. As SAB looks to the future of promotions for events, the question that remains isnot if they will promote, but how they will promote. Through continued research,groundbreaking analysis, and personal investigation, SAB moves forward in the nextstage of technological advances without hesitation. “Don’t stop looking for SAB any time soon,” said Collier. “There’s alwayssomething going on and there will always be a way for students to find out about it.” ###
  6. 6. Contact Information:Emily CollierDirector of Public RelationsStudent Activities Board859-257-8868Weston DickenDirector of Market ResearchStudent Activities Board859-257-8868Grace HahnFaculty AdvisorStudent Activities Board859-257-8867Word Count: 975
  7. 7. Service Journalism ArticleContact: Gabrielle DudgeonFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Social Media is a new Promotional Phenomena Lexington, KY (Dec. 14, 2012)- An evolution has occurred in marketing andpromotion, and this can be attributed to the inception of social media. Technology hasmade rapid advancements and the Internet has become available to most people, makingSocial Media a new way to connect. Business, corporations, advertising firms, andpromotional agencies are becoming more aware of the options and benefits through theutilization of Social Media. At the University of Kentucky, the Student Activities Board has expanded theirpromotional plans to include Social Media. According to Emily Collier, Director ofPublic Relations at the Student Activities Board (SAB), social media has proven to be agreat promotional strategy. Before SAB implemented social media in their promotionalplans, according to Collier, the staff researched, analyzed, brainstormed and thendeveloped a plan. To follow Collier’s advice, the first step in the successful utilization of socialmedia is planning. You need a road map or GPS (good planning strategy) so you wontget lost. To make sure that your contents are presented in a unique manner with videos,information graphics, and informational text, you have to decide on an appropriateplatform. Different platforms can be utilized in social media marketing. To be effective the -more-
  8. 8. unique environment of each must be considered when developing a technique forutilization. Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube are some of most popularsocial media platforms. Facebook is an interactive platform where people chat informally. Your brandmust create a Facebook Business Fan Page, and be aware that the visual aspect is keywith Facebook. By constructing a layout that gets attention while remaining consistentwith brand image, Facebook will provide your brand with a valuable marketing tool. Another interactive social marketing media tool is Twitter. It is a great toolbecause it allows you to send instant tweets (messages) across the web. Remember togarner traffic, these tweets should not only be about your brand, specials, updates, butalso entertaining, quirky, and fun. Twitters focus is conservation and it is interactive soalways interact, answer tweets, or respond to compliments or criticism. Google is the next platform to consider where the atmosphere is casual. A Googlecircle is also helpful, which allows you to block certain information from unfriendlinessand competitors, or create a super fan circle to offer exclusive discounts to some frequentfriendly users. Google Hangout provides your brand the option of hostingvideoconferences for expanding client or customer base, such as a how-to session orvideo chats. Pinterest is a platform where the main marketing strategy is image not messaging.Pinterest can be a beneficial tool in where your brand can showcase its product whileestablishing a personality with its own pin boards. Pinterest is a valuable tool for retailmarketing utilizing images. Another social media imaging tool is YouTube. -more-
  9. 9. YouTube is video-centered and business find this social media platform to bevaluable in marketing brands through instructional "how to videos" or in describing theirbrand. People are geared for visual advertising because of advancements in mediaorientation so YouTube provides a way to connect with those who want informationpresented in a quick, easy, and entertaining format. The factors that make Social Media Networking worthy of exploration andeventually implementation are Internet capability to reach a larger audience, it beinginexpensive in its utilization, and the ease of developing an effective, appealing, andmemorable advertisement. These factors combined with the availability of Internet are allconducive to Social Media as a vacillator for promotions and advertising. Several items must be considered in the process before implementation of socialmedia as a promotion tool. The first of which is content or brand image and commitmentto consistency in its portrayal. Your targeted audience should be able to identify yourcompany immediately, so make sure that the image projects your brand. After deciding on platform utilization, (which ones to incorporate in design), andbrand image, it is time to get the word out. The social marketing tool that is perfect forthis is a blog. The blog will allow your company to share information about the mostrecent events including the implementation of social media. One of the best features of ablog is that it allows your brand to brag about its benefits. Social media marketing is not the time to be shy. Your company needs to startlinking with other sources that contain relative or enjoyable information about your -more-
  10. 10. company. This will improve develop your reputation as being reliable and trust worthy.Eventually your brand may even get some links in exchange. Other brands on the Internetare constantly aware of what new brand is trending and if there is a threat. In social media marketing, as in all areas, always be vigil about competitors. Ifthey have better links or better techniques, copy but improve and stay ahead in the game.To determine if your social media networking is successful, attach tracking tags tocampaigns so that they can be monitored. Collier was very satisfied with the utilization of social media as a promotionalstrategy at the University of Kentucky SAB. Collier reiterated that the students areenthused about how easy it is to connect with SAB and that there is a dramatic increase inattendance during their sponsored events. This new strategy of promotion is inexpensive, easy to implement with a goodstrategy plan. Several social media platforms are available, interactive, image focused,and combinations there of, that can be implemented in the plan. Social media is here andin order for a brand to be competitive, stay trendy, and succeed, it should be explored tobe implemented in future promotional plans. ###
  11. 11. The purpose of the Student Activities Board (SAB) is to enhance the collegeexperience by providing students and other members of the campus and localcommunities with entertaining, educational and/or enriching programs that are reflectiveof contemporary issues and trends. The Student Activities Board (SAB) was established in 1942 by students forstudents. SAB encourages student involvement and is one of the largest student-runorganizations on the University of Kentucky’s campus. SAB is financially supported through the University of Kentucky Student fees.These funds are utilized to enrich the lives of the students and community. Events andprograms are selected after student surveys, numerous discussions, and majority vote. Student surveys including focus group surveys are the source of informationregarding student preference in the determination of events. These surveys are conductedperiodically during the semester and all feedback is analyzed and utilized. The biannualall student survey is posted as e-mail and link on the SAB web site. It is a questionnaireabout SAB and upcoming events. The Board is composed of three executives, nine programming committeedirectors, four promotions directors, and committee chair members. The executive student officers direct and supervise the entire organization. The -more-
  12. 12. executives are inclusive of: • President • Vice-President of Internal Affairs • Vice-President of Promotions The nine programming committee directors include: Campus Life, Cinema,Concerts, Cultural Arts, Engaging Issues, Multicultural Affairs, Pop Culture, Traditions,and SAB in the Halls, They direct and coordinate the efforts of nine independentcommittees that program all of SAB’s events. The five members of the promotions team are skill-based positions that assist theprogramming committees by creating promotional materials. The University of Kentuckystudents in these positions are all full time University of Kentucky students and areemployed part-time. The promotions team, supervised by the Vice-President ofPromotions, consists of: • Director of Graphic Design • Director of Information Technology • Director of Public Relations • Director of Market Research, • Assistant Director of Graphic Design. SAB core values are teamwork, enrichment, diversity, and stewardship. The endresult of programming based on these core values is an integral part of providingleadership opportunities, instilling integrity, and requiring accountability. The core valuesthat define SAB result in the entertaining and educating events that enlighten UK’scampus.
  13. 13. The University of Kentucky Student Activities Board is located on the Universityof Kentucky campus in room 204 of the Student Center. Connect with SAB at http://www.uksab.org; follow on Twitter athttp://twitter.com/UKSAB or like SAB on Facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/UKSAB. For more information about SAB and SAB events,contact publicrelations@uksab.org or text a question beginning with SABQ, followedby your question or comment, to 411-247. ###
  14. 14. University of Kentucky Student Activities Board204 Student CenterLexington, KY 40506 “Get Connected” 30 sec. Radio Spot—As Recorded(sfx: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” song playing and fading into the background) WOMAN- WANT TO STAY UPDATED ON ENTERTAING AND EDUCATIONAL EVENTS HAPPENING ON UK’S CAMPUS? MAN- UK STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD IS HERE TO HELP. WOMAN- KEEP A SCHEDULE OF EVENTS ON YOUR SMART PHONE, FACEBOOK, OR TWITTER FEED. MAN- GET INSTANT UPDATES THROUGH TEXT MESSAGES AND PHONE CALLS. WOMAN- TAG YOURSELF AT EVENTS, PRE-SHOWS, AND CONCERTS TO WIN PRIZES. MAN- TURN OFF THE TV, TURN DOWN THE RADIO… WOMAN- TURN ON THE COMPUTER AND GET CONNECTED. MAN: VISIT WWW.UKSAB.ORG FOR MORE INFORMATION(sfx: sounds of multiple pre-recorded technological devices [cell phone dialing, internetconnecting, etc.] and the gradual increase of volume of background music ) #####
  15. 15. University of Kentucky Student Activities Board204 Student CenterLexington, KY 40506 “Get Connected” 10 sec.—Live Radio SpotsBe a part of the UK Student Activities Board’s online network through your preferredsocial media outlet. Visit www.uksab.org for more information. Stay updated and getconnected. #####UK Student Activities Board can plan your schedule for you with the click of a button.Visit www.uksab.org for more information. Out with the old and in with a new way toget connected. #####