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Who really owns the Rosetta Stone? English team


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Who really owns the Rosetta Stone? English team

  1. 1. Liceo Publio Virgilio Marone C1-FSE 2010-2246
  2. 2. When was the text of the RosettaStone written and why? The Rosetta Stone is an ancient Egyptian stele dating back to 196 BC and it was issued at Memphis on behalf of King Ptolemy V, (then a thirteen year old boy), in occasion of his crowning.
  3. 3. What does the Rosetta Stone say?The Rosetta Stone contains aninscription with three differentspellings:hieroglyphics, demotic andGreek. The text gives all thebenefits returned to the countryby the king Ptolemy V: herepealed the taxes, andsubsequently the clergydecided to erect a statue in hishonour in all the temples, toplace gold statues alongsidethose of the gods and to holdcelebrations in his honour.
  4. 4. Why was the Stone so important?The importance of the Rosetta Stonedoes not lie in the content itself butin the fact that it was written in threescripts: the upper text is AncientEgyptian hieroglyphs which was usedby the ruling class, then the middleportion is demotic, used by commonpeople, and the lowest one is AncientGreek. Its translation was veryimportant because it allowed us todecipher the Egyptian writtenlanguage that had long been out ofuse and that was totally unknown.Furthermore it is useful tounderstand and know ancientEgyptian society thanks to itscontents.
  5. 5. Try to persuade the International Tribunal that Britain is the rightful owner of the Rosetta Stone and that it should remain in the British Museum.The discovery of the stone is attributed to the Within the context of this unparalleledFrench captain Pierre-Francois Bouchard. collection, the Rosetta Stone is anActually, an unknown soldier found it but important representation of EgyptianBouchard, who understood its importance, civilization. Each year millions ofshowed the stone to the French General visitors admire the stone andJacques Francois Menou. This General understand its importance.decided to move Rosetta stone toAlessandria. But when in 1801 a war broke out As for the Egyptian pretensions to bringbetween France and England, the English the stone back to their country, we wanttroops won and there was a dispute over the to underline that English government isremains found by the French. In fact the more able than the Egyptian one toEnglish soldiers considered the stone as a protect and keep ancient treasures,part of their booty in the name of King because our museums are endowed withGeorge III. This is the reason why the stone security systems and air conditioninghas to stay in the British Museum and not in which is necessary to preserve ancientFrance. The British Museum exists to tell the documents and to prevent theirstory of cultural achievements throughout deterioration. Moreover the politicalthe world from the dawn of human history situation in Egypt is not steady enoughover two million years ago until the present so it might be dangerous to bring theday. The Museum is a unique resource for the stone the breadth and depth of its collectionallows the world public to re-examinecultural identities and explore the complexnetwork of interconnected world cultures.