Assignment Nº 3: Internet-based Project Work


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Assignment Nº 3: Internet-based Project Work

  1. 1. ICT in English Teaching - UTNASSIGNMENT #3: Internet-based Project WorkDudeney & Hockly (2007) How to teach English with technology (p.34)Criteria: Accuracy, Currency, Content and Functionality.Websites:Retrieved 2011, from DSO Kids Listen by InstrumentWebsite: website is pretty simple concerned the organization, and the information is presented in a list on the side of it, in which thestudents can find the musical instruments they want to know something about. When they choose one instrument from the list, theyare shown a picture of it and a brief description too. Something very interesting about the website is that it also gives the students anaudible feedback of the musical instrument they have chosen.Retrieved October 7, 2011, from Music TheoryWebsite: website gives some information about musical instruments without too much classification, just the different types of instrumentsthat exist. Moreover, it gives the students many information and historical background about each of the instruments.
  2. 2. Topic: Music, the unit will be based on music in general as well as musical instruments, songs.Level of students: Beginners, IntermediateNumber of lessons: 3 lessonsObjectives: Students will be able to: • Learn new vocabulary related to music, songs, part of a song, musical instruments. • Learn about music and parts of and musical instruments. • Differentiate the 3 types of instruments: wind, strings, and percussion.Lesson One:Warmer:The teacher will start making different questions about music to see how much the students know about the subject and mostimportant to activate the student’s enthusiasm in the topic being introduced. For example:Do you know what a musical instrument is?Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what do you play?What sort of music do you like listening to?Do you have any favorite musician or band?
  3. 3. Web:In this part the kids are going to see some of the webs in order to know the classification of the musical instruments. we are going to provide them with a general explanation about instruments:There are 3 types of musical instruments:Percussion instrument: It’s a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by one object striking another. 1 timpani/kettle drums; 2 bongo drums; 3 conga drums; 4 glockenspiel; 5 castanets; 6 snare drum; 7 claves; 8 xylophone; 9 woodblock; 10 sleigh bells; 11 tambourine; 12 chimes ; 14 gong/tam tam; 13 cymbals; 15 triangle;16 bass drum
  4. 4. Strings instrument: string instruments are played using a bow or by using the fingers to pluck the strings.
  5. 5. Wind instrument: It’s a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by an enclosed column of air that is moved by the breath.Woodwind: Woodwind instruments produce a sound by blowing into a mouthpiece. Some woodwind instruments use a reed tomake the sounds play.Brass: Brass instruments are played by buzzing the lips into the mouthpiece.
  6. 6. What next:In this case they will have to choose the right name for the instruments in order to see if they have learnt a general introduction ofinstruments that we tried to introduce.
  7. 7. Lesson two:Warmer:As an introduction to the following class, students will have to write down 10 sentences applying the vocabulary they have learntuntil now about musical instruments, applying the past, present and future tenses, and using the personal pronouns.For example: I play the guitar twice a week.Web:Students will work on the following webquest: will have two classes to work on the webquest)Students will do some webpage activities related the topic after reading some information about musical instruments and their typesprovided by the teacher, and after doing the activities and having some fun, they will be ask to join in pair and choose betweenwriting a short lyric of a song or making their own musical instrument.Task:In this webquest we want you to make an oral presentation about one of your favourites musical instruments or one musicalinstrument you find more interesting. To do so, we have provided you with some links about musical instruments with differentactivities and information:Process:These are the webpages that you will use to do the assignment: these you will find all kind of information as regard musical instrument that you need, besides you will find songs which use thedifferent instruments and some extra material that we will include later.The idea is that you can use most of the webs that you think they are convenient for your presentation.Try to make the best choice that you think it could fit you.
  8. 8. What next:They will have to join the name of the instrument with their right classification having into account all the knowledge they havedeveloped. three:WarmerIn this section students will have to join in small groups to make a puzzle about different names of the musical instruments, at least 15instruments.
  9. 9. Web:Students will continue working in the previous webquest ( this part students will have to finish using the webquest to prepare the presentation.What next:In this final lesson students will make the presentation of the chosen instrument in class using a brochure which has to be made athome. After all the students have presented their work, they will make copies to give out in the school and their partners.Lesson four:They could work on extra material in order to learn more about music, such as this link that suggest how to create an instrument: