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Observations in retail


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Some observations from retails stores

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Observations in retail

  1. 1. OBSERVATIONS IN RETAIL Gabe Kruse ATTN:Aaron and I were kicked out of stores for taking picture within the first 5 min. of this endeavor. I continued taking some low quality quick shots which you will see throughout the presentation
  2. 2. Disney • Disney had frozen memorabilia surrounding one side of the windows and Star Wars items on the outside, a great way to play to the season change and their newest movie release • Sales people did not engage with us, and were stationed at the back • Customers were with their parents, or single parents purchasing toys • I noticed there was a display in the picture on the right for a movie that hasn’t come out yet other than StarWars. • The wooden but I hardly noticed it with all of the toys on the displays
  3. 3. Helzberg Diamonds • Helzberg was a tough store to take pictures at…. • I noticed all light was drawn to the pieces of jewelry in white cases • Upon entering, the cases blocked the way and you had to walk around them to view what else was in the store • The security guard greeted me within 15 seconds saying I could not photograph here, so good response time
  4. 4. Buckle Buckle was the second store I had issues taking photos at. • There is a buckle challenge here to walk to the back of the store and out before someone greets you, so I assume the response time is really good. Between 4-6 of them asked what I needed when I started snapping pictures • Door branding was interesting • Display cases outside made it feel very inviting • The tall displays on the wall made my eyes go upward and made me feel there was more in the store
  5. 5. Industrial Industry is one of my favorites that we encountered…again from the outside as the security guard mounted on Segway followed us. • Extremely Industrial décor • The first product I noticed was the watches and sunglasses in the display cases near the open doors • The sales people are usually really helpful and will help you try on things as soon aas you have something in your hand
  6. 6. Journey’s • Journeys has changed looks over the years, it used to be an open space with two or three racks, usually smaller square footage with shoes on the walls. Now they have aTOMS display outside and at the center of the store • The doors were open and inviting here • The amount of product made the store feel clustered and I almost didn’t enter because of this. It felt too full.
  7. 7. Fatstraw Fatstraw was a cool décor, but I am not sure if it felt inviting at first. • There was one staff person wearing all black • The theme was honey, as a boba-tea place the honey boba was a specialty somehow. • The products were arranged on a flat-screenTV with two sizes displayed in front of me to choose from