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Compara Carros Deck


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Compara Carros Deck

  1. 1. The car you’re looking for in 3 clicks#FEB 2013 | @comparacarros |
  2. 2. Our solution: new and used cars aggregator
  3. 3. Already more than 400,000 cars
  4. 4. Search by make and model
  5. 5. Filter annd refine your search
  6. 6. Compara Carros Market: BI tool to discover how much is a car worths
  7. 7. Compara Carros Analytics: a tool for website owners to control their cars and its statistics
  8. 8. +1,2M cars for sale every month.+400 websites selling cars, insurance plans for cars and financing.+350M/year: websites selling cars revenue.+1B/year: online insurance car revenue.Sources: InfoMoney, Denatran, Sincor, IstoÉ, Sincor, Fenauto, Anef, Banco Central,CNSeg
  9. 9. PPC model applied to the automobile online market (new &used cars for sale, insurance and financing).Charge for banners.Charge for sponsored links.Compara Carros Analytics.Compara Carros Market.
  10. 10. PPC Car comparison BI tool Featured Cars: Good PriceCar Relevance: Social Proof Focused 100% On cars NOK OK Coming Soon
  11. 11. Increase visits: ebooks, Social Media, Blog, SEO.Consolidate mark: articles, partnership with automotive websites.Improve service: expand database of car ads, new features, CRO,usability techniques.Offline: partnership with makes.
  12. 12. Gabriel Oliveira - Business Bruno Krebs - Developer #Specialties: UX, Digital Marketing and #Specialties: Software Engineering, Convnersion Optimization. Web Developer, Web Crawlers and #Cofounder Isonline, Bikesa, Search Engines. Conversão Experts. #Cofounder Tenistinha, PreProva. #Companies: PUCRS, HP, DELL. #Companies: DBC Company, SAP. Leandro Pompermaier (Advisor) #Teacher at PUCRS #Board Member e-Core #Board Member MLV
  13. 13. The car you’re looking for in 3 clicks#FEB 2013 | @comparacarros |