Not Enough sleep - Drums


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Not Enough sleep - Drums

  1. 1. Found that hard, only came up with 30 ideas, please feel free to suggest meother ones so i could see what path did you used.Talk with other neighbors to see if there is others persons annoyed about thatand then write a letter.Sue him.Ask to the neighbor to stop play drumsPut “pillows” in the wall to avoid the soundTalk with the buildings managerUse headphonesListen a lot to musicUse cotton when he starts playingGo out off your houseMake annoying sound as wellLearn how to play drums maybe you would like itLearn how to play electric guitar and then maybe start a band withPass the most of the day outside, can be a good opportunity to know betterplacesMove to another apartment in the same buildingMove from the buildingTake pill to sleepAsk him if he is able to practice in the hours that you are not at homeFind a girlfriend or boyfriend and spent your free time at his/her house.Practice a lot of sports so you will get tired at home and will sleep like a stone.Sleep in you car.Sleep in your mother’s house.Sleep in your friend’s house.Buy sponges to cover your entire bedroom and make it soundproof.Share the costs with your neighbor to build a soundproof room for him to play.Build a room in their park in the garage for him to play.Look for studios and suggest him to play there.