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2013 05 18 safe host conferencia florencia anna moilanen unicef eng


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Sexual tourism against minors is a world plague that encompasses mainly the south east Asian region, Latin America, Africa and eastern Europe. Western countries are those which register the biggest outgoing fluxes. Sexual tourists abuse of the common channels and networks of tourism to reach their victims. Companies and workers in the sector may play an important role in the prevention and struggle against this practice. To be able to do this, they must learn how to identify and prevent it, they need to possess the knowledge and skills to identify it and have the tools to actively prevent those who exploit and those that make use of this practice from making use of tourist services to reach their victims. To Favor the establishment of a permanent social dialogue platform for tourism, encouraging the exchange and synergies between social parts throughout the whole supply chain, starting from the exchange of actions for the fight against child exploitation in the tourism sector, and the adoption of Directive 2011/92/EU. Analyze the ways in which services and tourism channels are used for illegal aims and identify changes linked with use of information and communication technologies. Evaluate good practices that social parts, individually or jointly, have enacted to prevent and fight against this phenomenon. Equip the tourism industry with innovative and practical tools for the struggle against child sexual exploitation throughout the whole supply chain.
Il turismo sessuale a danno dei minori è una piaga mondiale che attanaglia in modo particolare Sud-est asiatico, America Latina, Africa ed Europa orientale. I paesi occidentali sono quelli da cui si registrano i maggiori flussi in partenza. I turisti sessuali abusano dei canali e delle reti del turismo per raggiungere le loro vittime. Imprese e lavoratori del settore possono giocare un ruolo prezioso per prevenire e contrastare il fenomeno. Per farlo essi devono imparare a riconoscerlo e a prevenirlo, devono cioè avere le conoscenze e le competenze per identificarlo ed essere dotati di strumenti concreti per impedire a sfruttatori e clienti di utilizzare i servizi turistici per raggiungere le loro vittime. Favorire l’istituzione del tavolo di dialogo sociale europeo del turismo incoraggiando gli scambi e le sinergie tra gli attori sociali di tutta la filiera, a partire dalla condivisione di azioni per la lotta allo sfruttamento sessuale dei minori nel turismo e l’attuazione della Direttiva 2011/92/UE sul tema.Analizzare le modalità con cui i servizi e i canali del turismo vengono utilizzati per scopi impropri e identificare i cambiamenti legati all’uso delle tecnologie di informazione e comunicazione Censire le buone pratiche che le parti sociali individualmente o collegialmente hanno messo in campo per prevenire e contrastare il fenomeno. Dotare l’industria del turismo di strumenti innovativi e pratici per il contrasto allo sfruttamento sessuale dei minori lungo tutta la filiera

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2013 05 18 safe host conferencia florencia anna moilanen unicef eng

  1. 1. LOGÍSTICA - CENTRAL DESUMINISTROS 2007United for childrenUNICEF INITIATIVEFOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILDRENIN THE TOURISM SECTORConference SAFE HOST“Social Partners Together Against Sexual Exploitation of Children in Traveland Tourism” 18-19th may 2013. Florencia. ITALIA
  2. 2. MissionSurvival, development and protection of childrenInternational DirectiveConvention on thr Rights of ChildrenInnovative and sustainable focusWe cooperate with governments to strentghen policies andstructures which guarantee the rights of childrenObjectiveObtain real changes in the lives of childrenScopeImpact on ALL children,In over 150 developing countriesUnited for children
  3. 3. Survival anddevelopmentduring first inf1Basic educationand genderequality2Protectionof childrenagainst violenceand exploitment3Alliancesand public policiesfor the rights ofchildren4Preventionof HIV/AIDS5THE WORK OF UNICEF:5 PRIORITIESUnited for children1
  4. 4. LOGÍSTICA - CENTRAL DESUMINISTROS 2007United for childrenPROTECTION OF CHILDRENFor UNICEF meansCreating a protective environment means secutrity, means that children go to school, thatlaws exist which punish those who exploit children, that governments are committed andthat families and communities are informed on the risks and possess a responsecapacity.
  5. 5. United for childrenFOUR-YEAR PLAN
  6. 6. UNICEF example: The Dominican RepublicChild Protection Program 2012-2016.United for children• Participation of the private sector in the prevention and fight against the sexual exploitation of childrenfor business (ESCNA) through a strict implementation of the Code of Conduct – ECPAT.• Strentghen institutions that intervene in the investigation processes and in the implementation ofprotocols compliant with national criminal laws inthe two municipalities. Security Forces, DistrictAttorney, etc.• Promotion within society of a NO tolerance stance towards ESCNA in the tourism sector and offer tools tofamilies for the protection from violence (at a national level).• Strentghen the capacity of structures hosting children and teen agers and of other environments for thedevelopment of activities for the prevention and fight against ESCNA.• Promote consolidation and strentghening of the role and capacity of local authorities to protect andgrant rights.• Strentghen the existing legal framework for a correct and efficient persecution of those crimes relative toESCNA.• Inclusion in the program “Skills for life” of the Ministry of Education of contents on the prevention ofviolence, abuse and exploitation at a national level.Prevention and fight against sexual exploitation of children and teen agers inthe tourism sector.
  7. 7. Dominicanan RepublicMINISTRY OF TOURISMD.R.ASHONARES; NationalAssociation of Hotels andTourism in D.R.MAIS – ECPAT D.R.Police ForcesMinistry ofJustice D.R.COMPANIES OF THETOURISM SECTORCivil society
  8. 8. LOGÍSTICA - CENTRAL DESUMINISTROS 2007United for children
  9. 9. UNICEF Alliance and Tourism sectorPrevention of sexualexploitation for businessCode of conduct
  10. 10. LOGÍSTICA - CENTRAL DESUMINISTROS 2007United for childrenTWO OBJECTIVES:• Promote a commitment on behalf of the hotel sector in favour of children,giving impulse to an increased knowledge of society on the situatio ofchildren at risk, aboutn responsible tourism and on the work of UNICEF infavour of the protection of children.• Mobilize funds to support UNICEF child protection programs.ONE AIM:Prevention and response to violence, exploitation and abuse of childrenthrough the creation of protected environments.“Movement of the tourism sectorfor the PROTECTION OFCHILDREN”
  11. 11. LOGÍSTICA - CENTRAL DESUMINISTROS 2007United for childrenLas Alianzas Corporativas en UNICEFThe private sector is a key actor in Cooperation and Development. Its influende may be fundamentalin the social transformation and sustainable development of developing countries, in addition toserving as a platform for awareness raising and mobilization of stakeholders.UNICEF launches the “Friendly Hotels” initiative, to involve the tourism sector in theprotection of children against commercial sexual exploitation.The hotel industry is an ideal ally for UNICEF in the protection of children because:• The proposed hotels play a key role in the protection of children. Implementation of the Plan of Action ofthe ECPAT Code of Conduct.• They are the meeting point for many people to which we may spread our message: employees, clients,suppliers, etc.• The dinamics and structure of hotels makes our job easier in all actionin favour of children: spreadmessages, awareness campaigns, fund collection, events, etc.
  12. 12. Some examples ofcooperations withHOTELS
  13. 13. 14EXPERIENCES WITH HOTELSSTARWOOD HOTELS & UNICEF INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCECheck Out For Children™ is a global initiative born from the alliance with Starwood Hotels &Resorts and UNICEF. The mechanism is simple, but efficient: at his arrival in a hotel, a client isinformed about the possibility to donate 1US$ (or local currency equivalent) when checking out toUNICEF.Since 1995, the initiative has collected more than 16 mllion US$, destined to programs of childvaccination worldwide. For each million US$, more than 55.000 children are vaccinated againstthe most serious pediatric diseases.United for children
  14. 14. 15EXPERIENCES WITH HOTELSHOTEL SHERATON BILBAO AND HOTEL MARÍA CRISTINA SAN SEBASTIÁNThe Hotel Sheraton in Bilbao and the Hotel María Cristina in San Sebastián organize eachyear in their halls, a Solidarity market which lasts two days. Visitors may buy paintings,drawings, books, garment and many other objects given by hotel employees in particular.The profits are destined to UNICEF programs.United for children
  15. 15. United for childrenEXPERIENCES WITH HOTELSCOOPERATION WITH NH HOTELES: GUESTS OF THE HEARTHoteles NH in Mexico collect funds from clients through the “Rounding during check-out”, and implementcommunication campaigns to raise awareness on the zero tolerance stance against violence on children andteenagers. They include during conferences with other hotels, the Code of Conduct for the Tourism Sector forthe Protection of Children and Teenagers from sexual exploitation for business reasons (ESCI).
  16. 16. 17EXPERIENCES WITH HOTELSINTEGRAL ALLIANCE WITH MELIA HOTELS INTERNATIONAL:UNITED FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILDRENIn November 2010, UNICEF and Melià signed an agreement for the protection of childrenand, in particular, to fight together against sexual explotation of children. It includes almost allpossible implementation points: actions to spread and raise awareness and fundraising in favourof UNICEF with clients and employees.United for children
  17. 17. SPANISH COMPANIES COMMITTED TO PROTECTING CHILDRENIn 2011 during the I Global Ethical Tourism Congress:- HOTEL CHAINS IN THE BALEARIC ISLANDS- AMADEUS- HOTEL FEDERATION OF MALLORCA (FEHM)- GRUPO BARCELÓ- GRUPO IBEROSTAR- IBERIA- MELIÁ HOTELS INTERNATIONAL- NATIONAL ATESA- NH HOTELES- ORIZONIAIn 2012 during the World Tourism Day celebrated the 26thof September in Gran Canaria:• RIU Hotels and Resorts• LOPESAN - IFA GROUP• PIÑERO GROUP• Asociación Hotelera y Extrahotelera de Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera y El Hierro (ASHOTEL)United for children
  18. 18. Already friendly HotelsCOOPERATING HOTELS:Hotel Alhambra PalaceHotel AlimaraHotel BécquerHotel CándidoHotel Silken Al-AndalusPalace SevillaPlaya Montroig CampingResorteHotel Roca NegraRoyal Son BouSelect AppartmentUnited for children
  19. 19. LOGÍSTICA - CENTRAL DESUMINISTROS 2007United for childrenPresence of the UNICEF HOTEL AMIGO label UNICEF Hotel Amigo banner for the web, with link to UNICEF España page, in multiplelanguages. Accreditation diploma of the reception program. Letter of the Hotel Director, available in the reception, explaining the UNICEF Hotel Amigoinitiative. Information leaflet on display in the reception. Information leaflet in the rooms. Small products exposition in the reception.Message “Today you could change the world while you sleep” on the room key. Letters with the program message in the hotel common areas. Projection of a UNICEF video in common areas and/or rooms.
  20. 20. LOGÍSTICA - CENTRAL DESUMINISTROS 2007United for children interesting links
  21. 21. LOGÍSTICA - CENTRAL DESUMINISTROS 2007United for children