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2013 05 18 safe host conference visz hungary_eng

  1. SAFE HOST project Hungary & Children Florence 18-19. May, 2013
  2. Legal Background • Hungary is a member of UN Child Law Convention since 1991 • Act LXVI. Of 1991 has paragraph against children sexual exploitation • Constitution • Family Act • Child Protection Act
  3. Legal Background • Act on Criminal Code – 175/b.§ Against the human trafficking – 205.§ Sexual Exploitations – 195/A.§ Abusing of pornograph pictures, videos • Hungary joined to the Cybercrime in 2001. • Civil Code CXXX.: EU Legal Aid adopted in 2003 • Ministry of Human Resources → – Minister of State for Social, Family and Youth Affairs
  4. Civil Code 191.§ • There is a system of mandatory reporting in Hungary, and anyone who fails to report a case of child sexual exploitation that he knows about commits a crime but this is not known among those obliged to do it. • Anyone responsible for children is obliged to turn to the penal system, and the fact that the penal system is in need of serious improvement itself is no excuse for not taking legal steps when a child becomes a victim of a criminal activity
  5. NGOs • „Kék vonal” → Blue line for children who suffered from sexual exploitation since 1993 • „NANE” → Women for Women Together Against Violence. This NGO operates a helpline since 1994, primarily for women in need. Their aim is to provide these women with and/or to connect them to psychological and legal support
  6. NGOs • IOM - International Office for Migration. Amongst many of their activities performed in the country one priority area for IOM has been the information campaign to combat trafficking in women and forced prostitution. Their preparatory data collection proved that the most endangered age group is 14-18 year old girls, especially teenage girls in public care
  7. NGOs • Office for the Protection of the Rights of Women and Children. This office, operating since 1997, provides free legal assistance and advocacy for women in need. • Eszter Foundation. One of the earliest NGOs starting to work in this field the Eszter Foundation has been providing complex therapeutic assistance for everyone who has ever suffered any kind of sexual exploitation since 1990.
  8. In tourism • Fortunately this is not a relevant problem now because there are not cases in • The main problem is being a transitive country in drugs and human trafficking between East and West • The next main problem is the violation in family
  9. Next steps • Already being in contact with UNICEF Hungarian Office • Being in contact with the Employer organisation ►Strengthening the prevent of sexual exploitation in tourism • With the conclusions of this conference the VISZ aims to give publicityto this topic under the umbrella of the National Sectoral Social Dialogue
  10. Thank you for your attention Vera Krifaton & Pal Kovács