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2013 05 18 safe host conference abta nikki white eng


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2013 05 18 safe host conference abta nikki white eng

  1. 1. Safeguarding child welfare: thetravel industry response
  2. 2. Tourism: exposure to issuesin context• Who’s children?Local children and children of holidaymakers• Which issues?Commercial exploitation (child labour, “begging”)Sexual exploitation (child prostitution)Physical exploitation (trafficking, slavery)Domestic abuseAbduction• Where?Global supply chain /differing cultural attitudesKnown “risk” destinationsHotels and accommodations / destinations more broadly“Risk” routes (e.g. Mexico Legislative developments)“Risk” events (e.g. Olympics, Word Cup)
  3. 3. Pragmatic solutions
  4. 4. 2. Raising awareness:Every Child, EverywhereE-learning training course to help travel businessesdevelop and implement policies and processes thatbest protect childrenSafeguarding children in a holiday environmentTraining course for travel providers to be able to use with their supplierse.g. hotel employees and accommodation businesses
  5. 5. 3. Implementation- Leading global certification system helping hotels andaccommodation businesses manage their social, environmental andeconomic impacts- Management of child protection issues is prerequisite for baselineengagement and monitoring of social impactsSample indicators:- 06.11: The business does not employ children to complete worknormally undertaken by adults and there are special workingtimes and conditions for children working within the business.- 08.03: The business implements preventative measures andprocedures to ensure that children living in or near the premisesare protected from tourism related sexual exploitation and allpotential forms of abuse.
  6. 6. Final remarksTourism’s exposure to child exploitation is significantKey role to play in tackling the issueFocussing efforts across four pillars:Industry positioningRaising awarenessImplementationMonitoringFostering partnerships with Governments and expert organisations isfundamental to ensuring progress
  7. 7. Thank you