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Group of the European
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Internship policy


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Internship policy

  1. 1. Group of the European Youth for Change | | | fax: +40318178029 - 1 / 2 - Last update: April 2014 Internship Policy Introduction GEYC’s internship programs are usually limited in time, often between 3-6 months, being designated for young people, aged 18 to 25, in order to achieve practical professional skills along with supporting our organization. 1. The European Quality Charter of Internships and Apprenticeships It is based on a study regarding the quality of internships in 27 EU countries, which offers an European perspective of the legislation of this field. The study was published by the European Commission (21.05.2012) and might be consulted online. GEYC supports the principles promoted in this charter and includes them into its own internship policy. According to these principles, the most important criteria of a valuable internship are as it follows: 1.1 For GEYC, the internships represent an important activity of learning. They help adding practical knowledge to the one gained through formal or informal education. 1.2 Internships offer support regarding the professional orientation, while enlarging the perspectives of other different sectors. 1.3 GEYC interns beneficiate from certified trainers and a system of evaluation/feedback that assures the quality of the entire process. The interns are always informed, at the beginning of the program, about their rights, responsibilities, representatives and other issues regarding their personal security. Other general principles of internships, stipulated in the European Quality Charter on internships, that GEYC applies: -All the tasks are established together with the intern and are in accordance with his learning objectives. -During the program, the support from certified persons, professionally prepared for this role, is assured. -Interns have the right to be remunerated or to receive benefits in accordance with their work. -At the end of the program, an evaluation based on definite and known criteria will be performed. GEYC wants, together with the stakeholders, to ensure the development and monitoring of a policy capable of ensuring a good implementation of the quality internships’ principles. The most important measures are: -a legal frame of recognition of the skills gained through internships
  2. 2. Group of the European Youth for Change | | | fax: +40318178029 - 2 / 2 - -the existence, at a European level, of a mechanism that ensures the exchange of good methods regarding the assurance of quality internships -a national and European system of recognition of the internships, that will facilitate the integration of young people in a flexible market. -encouraging partnerships between schools, universities, organizations of civil society and social partners. 2. The recruitment process assures the enforcement of quality principles in GEYC internships. The most important characteristic are: -it is a complex process, which takes place over a period of 2-4 weeks -during the whole process, we are focusing on the candidate’s skills, along with his motivation of participating in the internship program -in case of an interview, a representative of the Human Resources Department and one from the department the candidate applied for will be present -the equality of chances is ensured through transparent promotion of internship opportunities and by elimination any kind of discrimination -the selection process finalizes with the signing of a written contract and a job description, being followed by an introduction period in the department/work team of a project and the organization 3. Benefits for those who do a GEYC internship: The international Dimension of Internships. Erasmus + program. Erasmus Plus is a new program of the European Union in the sphere of education, professional formation, youth and sport. This will include European programs of financing: Learning Throughout the Life, Youth in Action, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink and the program of cooperation with the industrialized countries. In the youth field, the program will finance the following types of activities: -Learning mobilities -Cooperation for innovation and good practices -Endorsement for policy reforms Erasmus Plus offers the possibility: -of participating in a program of European formation (usually of 5-10 days), as a GEYC intern -doing GEYC internships outside the country Key competences developed during GEYC internships: -communication and team work -leadership, spirit of initiative and responsibility -project management -linguistic competences -digital competences -active citizenship and social responsibility