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Find a resource, test a resource!

  1. 1. Group of the European Youth for Change | | | fax: +40318178029 “Find a resource. Test a Resource” - Facebook Contest Duration: Tuesday, 26.11.2013, 09:00 AM, GMT – Saturday, 07.12.2013, 11:59 PM, GMT Contest Legal Terms Participants 1. Entry is open to anyone who has a Facebook page and it is interested in discovering free online tools, except the organizers: GEYC Resources Center team and the 3rd generation of New Media Ambassadors. Rules 1. Enter, choose a category that best fits your interests (Social Media, Multimedia, Communication, Education, Human Rights, Personal development, Management & marketing) and find one tool you would like to test. Read the description, test the application, play with it, and try to discover all its features. 2. Like our Facebook Page if you haven’t done it yet 3. Share your experience with us and your Facebook friends. Make a comment on the contest post (our cover photo), in which you state what you have found out about the tool you’ve tested and how you can use it in your work/learning process/personal development etc. In order to be relevant, you could try to answer to these questions: What are its strongest/weakness features? Why would you recommend it? Was it user friendly? How you can classify it in comparison with other similar tools? What have you learnt new? Note: Any other ideas are encouraged. Be clear, concise and creative in the way you choose to share your experience. 4. Each individual can participate in the contest with just one (1) comment. The comment can be edited until the deadline of the contest (07.12.2013, 11:59PM, GMT). 5. To be validated, entries must be received within specified time frame (26.11.2013, 09:00 AM, GMT – 07.12.2013, 11:59 PM, GMT) and be ORIGINAL (no copy-paste is allowed! Any quote must have the specified source). 6. GEYC Resources Center reserves the right to disqualify any person who uses a discriminatory language or spam comments. 7. GEYC Resources Center reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the contest if it cannot be operated, conducted or completed as planned, for any reason. Winners and Awards 1. Three (3) surprize-prizes will be awarded by the organizers. 2. The entries will be validated and 3 winners will be chosen by a jury composed by GEYC RC team, during the week 08 – 13.12.2013, considering the popularity and the originality of the comment. 3. The winners will be announced on the web page and on the Facebook page on the 14.12.2013. Winners will be contacted by the organizers in order to receive their prizes. Note: Please acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. No information will be collected on Facebook or used by Facebook. -1/1-