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EDYS: Google Education


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Google Education presentation for European Digital Youth Summit - EDYS

Published in: Education
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EDYS: Google Education

  1. 1. Technology Enabling Education
  2. 2. How we communicate has changed…
  3. 3. External perception of the Romanian Education system... RO education performance is positioned among the lowest in EU Students lack motivation to learn at school and decide to skip classes The system is underfinanced & doesn’t attract elite teachers Investment in Education is lowest among EU27 countries % of GDP 3.5% 5.3% RO EU27 Average salary for a highschool teacher is 5,000 EUR gross / year (less than half the levels in HU, CZ) Each year, 52% of the teachers examined for allocation of teacher positions don’t get a passing grade ! PISA results 2012, OECD countries: RO scored last among EU countries at the ELLI* 2010 study; the low results of Romanian schools further affect learning after graduation (and into professional life) Only 50% of pupils pass Baccalaureate < 16% of 30-35yo have university degree OECD index of students’ motivation: Percentage of students who report feeling “happy at school” among the lowest in EU-27 (in-line with CEE) 58% of students report having skipped classes (compared to 11- 12% in HU, CZ and 27% in PL)
  4. 4. We use the web to help people discover, connect, and enjoy learning We build a foundation of technology... ...which helps to empower educational communities... ... To make learning magical for students.
  5. 5. We build a foundation of technology & access... ...and empower innovative communities... make learning magical for all students. Overall objective: Bring online tools to the classroom and make learning more exciting: provide K12 students and teachers with access to technology and training, in order to help students better navigate the internet and learn how to gather the skills & knowledge they need to be successful in life. Develop a relevant curriculum based on online tools Build a solid teacher community (GEGs) Google Apps for Education rollout in K12 schools 1 2 3 3 Key pillars:
  6. 6. Google Confidential Commanudn Pitryoprietary
  7. 7. Google Confidential and Proprietary Collaboration with Google Apps
  8. 8. Education Specific Apps and App Packs Google Confidential Technaondlo Pgryoprietary
  9. 9. We build a foundation of technology & access... ...and empower innovative communities... make learning magical for all students. University: Google Faculty Institute, Research Awards Non-profits: Support to education organizations Teachers: CS4HS, GTA, Apps Certified Trainer, Computational Thinking
  10. 10. Google Confidential and Proprietary Course Builder - Helping the World Teach • 1,550,000 people registered • 196 countries represented • 29% who completed the first assessment passed the course • 96% of participants said they would take more classes in this format
  11. 11. From OMA Romania to Spain, Turkey...
  12. 12. 200,223,455
  13. 13. We build a foundation of technology & access... ...and empower innovative communities... make learning magical for all students. Programs Computing & Programming Experience, Ambassadors Awards & Scholarships RISE, Trailblazer Competitions Google Science Fair, Google Summer of Code
  14. 14. Hackathon, Hackathon, Hackathon...
  15. 15. Image 1 Google Confidential Manad gPircoprietary Share and connect with educators around the world Image 2 Web resources ● Education Training Resources ● Guide to Going Google ● Google Groups Image 3 Events ● Education on Air Events ● Google Summits ● Calendar of events ● Programs ● Google Apps Certified Trainer Program ● Google Teacher Academy ● Contests
  16. 16. why we know we are on the right track?
  17. 17. What next?
  18. 18. Useful resources Google for Education Google for Entrepreneurs Start Up Week Start Up Grind Comunitatea OMA Cultural Institute Google Trends Consumer barometer Our Mobile Planet ...
  19. 19. Technology Enabling Education