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Droni youth association, georgia


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Droni youth association, georgia

  1. 1. (Find and Like US on Our Official Facebook page: )Youth Association DRONI is a non-governmental organization with the mission topromote the establishment of a modern, healthy, educated and perfect society. In order to meet thistask the association has been implementing the educational and Youth development programs.The organisation aims are to support the young people’s physical, spiritual and educationaldevelopment and to develop educational initiatives in the field of civil society, conflict resolution,human rights and peace-building, to promote intercultural relations in Georgian society or Youth.Youth Association Droni was established on the basis of the international organisation Academy forEducational Development in 2003 by the young people with 4-5 years working experience in NGOsector. DRONI is working mainly in education field with different target groups (children, youth,students, teachers, refugees). DRONI is mostly focusing its activities to the Caucasian region andcooperates with different NGOs in Europe.The organization has been providing activities on:  Human Rights Education;  Gender Issues; Civil Education;  Conflict Prevention and Peace-building;  Active Citizenship;  Youth Participation; DRONI actively was involved in "All Different, All Equal" European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation in Georgia.Networks:-From 2008 DRONI is a member of international EPYD;-From February 2006 DRONI is a member of SALTO EECA-From February 2006 DRONI is a member of Regional Network against the Trafficking;-From April 2005 DRONI is a member of international HRE Youth Network, which was established atthe EYC Budapest with support of Council of Europe;-From May of 2004 DRONI is a member of national network: "Networking Against discrimination,Intolerance and Exclusion through Youth Work";Partners  Youth Development and Integration Association STRIM  Youth For Society  Academy for Peace and Development  Centre for Intercultural exchanges and dynamics XENA 1
  2. 2.  Centre for Creative Expression 2
  3. 3. Last Projects:2011-Voices for Peace: Using non-violent action as a tool to deal with conflicts, Kobuleti, Georgia,Norwegian NA;-Learning as an Adventure – Outdoor Education for Young People, British Council, Mestia Georgia;-International training on volunteering Activating the Inactive Young Volunteer, Bakuriani, GeorgiaDutch NA;-Internationaltraining on youth participation "KDM - Know it better, Do it harder, Makeit real", Ureki,Georgia, Latvian NA,-International training Migration and Mobility - Challenges and Opportunities for European Youth,Austrian NA, ECPAT;-International training course “YOUTH VOICES AGAINST VIOLENCE - Using Media as a Tool toPromote Peace” - Danish NA, Borjomi Georgia;2010-International training course “Veni vidi usi – TC for beginners in EVS” – Czech NA, Batumi, Georgia;-International training “Engaging in European Crises - Non-violent actions (from Philosophy toPractical Tools)”- Swedish NA, Bakuriani Georgia;-International seminar “Organizing a Youth Exchange – a Starter Pack” – British Council, Kobuleti,Georgia;-International training “Track ONE” Empowering Youth – European Commission, Bakuriani Georgia;2009-“Dialogue against the fist, understanding instead of Fear” – European Commission, Bakuriani Georgia;-International training “Nonviolent Communication – an effective tool for successful relationships”, EuropeanCommission, Borjomi, Georgia;-International training on peace building “Use your Mind - Understanding instead of Fear” – Austrian NA,Intercultural Centrum, Telavi, Georgia;–International training “West and East linked by EVS” Polish NA, Bakuriani, Georgia;–International training “Peace is Or Choice”–, Polish NA, Borjomi, Georgia;–International Training Gaining while Giving – EVS, British Council NA, Bakuriani, Georgia;–Regional Youth Meeting: “Making More Possible” - CoE-, Tbilisi, Georgia;–Meeting on International Networking for Promotion Active Citizenship & Volunteering "East West East" - CoE-,Kechkhobi, Georgia;–Georgian-Russian Young People Meeting “Tranquility is our Choice” – CoE-, Bakuriani, Georgia;2008–TC – Quality EVS projects – European Commission-Turkish NA, Kechkhobi, Georgia;–YE - Feel, See and Test the Diversity – European Commission-British NA, Kechkhobi, Georgia;–YE - European Dinner through Outdoor – European Commission - French NA, Kobuleti, Georgia;–TC - Youth NGOs in Media For Visibility of Youth Program – European Commission-Lithuanian NA, Bakuriani,Georgia; 3
  4. 4. Become an EVS Volunteer!The European Voluntary Service (EVS) provides young Europeans with the unique chance to express theirpersonal commitment through unpaid and full-time voluntary activities in a foreign country within or outsidethe EU.During EVS you gain a lot of experience, meet interesting people, be introduced to a new culture, develop yourskills, contribute to local communities… - putting it in one word – this program is a great chance for You! Justtry it!More information about EVS action you can get hereAnd if you want to know what European volunteers are doing in Georgia then visit our blogYou too can become an EVS volunteer!Contact us if you want to be hosted or sent by DRONI as EVS volunteer.If you would like to contact one of our EVS volunteers then you can find their contact details by clicking here. EVS hosting ProjectsYouth Organization DRONI is hosting 12 volunteers now from different European countries (Brais from Spain,Domenico and Kalina from Germany, Rita from Austria, Raminta, Rūta and Simonas from Lithuania, Serena andAlba from Italy, Kasia and Anna from Poland and Tbo from France). The volunteers are hosted in the frameworkof the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.Aim:To introduce and involve the volunteer into the broad range of activities done by the organisation, especially inpublic relation of the organisation and edition of DRONI’s monthly newsletter and DRONI’s web news blogTo introduce and involve the volunteers into the broad public work of Association DRONI, particularly inpromotion of human rights education, intercultural dialogue and youth participation through an effective andinnovative tool such as - Living Library ( Objectives of the projects are:- promotion of voluntary services and volunteering across the Georgian communities through media tools;- raising awareness of media issue;- assisting the organisational team in producing the monthly newsletter;- assisting the organisational team in editing organisation’s web news blog;- intercultural learning through work with a people from a different countryThe President of the Organisation - Giorgi KikalishviliMob.: +995 599 229 472E-mail: giokika@droni.orgProject manager - Davit DaiauriE-mail: daiauri@droni.orgEVS coordinator - Keti KalandadzeE-mail: keti@droni.orgLocal project coordinator - Sopo GogsadzeE-mail: 4