Reflection 4


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Reflection 4

  1. 1. ReflectionThe following reflection has been written with the purpose of providing the importantcharacteristics of the text “meaning as use: A functional view of semantics andpragmatics”; moreover, the relevance that it has in relation to the course of LexicalAnalysis, helping to achieve the specific objective ofuse vocabulary, jargon andexpressions appropriately, and what is more to describe and explain the summary of thetext written by me.The text essentially describes five types of linguistic meaning (conceptual, connotative,social, affective and collocative) and the unit of analysis is the speech act. This text helpsus as futures teachers, not only in the sense of know how to use the language dependingon the context, but also how to teach it.As futures teachers of English language, I strongly believe that is very important andrelevant that we know how to use the language in an appropriate way; furthermore, thatwe can be able to develop it in an appropriate context with the right function andthe rightsocial meaning, which ones implies to achieve the intentions of us as speakers in thedelivery of the message.In terms of the contribution of the text that is mentioned before to the course of LexicalAnalysis is based on the specific objective of the use vocabulary, jargon and expressionsappropriately, because if we as students of the English language want to learn how to usethose expressions in the right form, we need to know in first place the meaning of thedifferent uses in the language and the intentions of every one of them, and thosemeanings are the ones that are going to help us to improve our messages in terms of thecommunication with other persons, especially with our futures students.In my personal opinion the text is, not only useful, but also very interesting and with theappropriate information to make the process of reading and learning more easy. Thispiece of writing provides us important features about the way of communicate thelanguage and acquire the knowledge as is the case of functional grammar. This textdefinitely will help us in the future in the improvement of our speeches and classes inwhich we are going to teach, and also we are going to be complete professionals be ableto speak in every context and not only specific topics related to the phonetic,grammatical, or others similar features, but also to teach themes related to the cultureand the beginnings of the English language just as the other texts that are present in thise-portfolio gave us.