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Why hire an elder law attorney


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Why hire an elder law attorney

  1. 1. Why Hire an Elder Law Attorney?Elder law attorneys are lawyers that practice their expertise of the state elder law. Aside frombeing knowledgeable with the local laws pertaining to the elderly, they are also aware of theunique needs of seniors and how to professionally approach legal needs of these individuals aswell.An elder law attorney may also be an estate planning lawyer considering seniors may also needlegal help in securing their properties and estates in their condition. A lawyer who practiceselder law may also assist seniors through the following conditions:Health care which includes the client’s legal plans should his health fails or for his personal careshould he gets ill or is unable to manage his estates; this includes legal documents like powersof attorney and living wills.Estate planning lawyer for the elderly which includes financial planning, home financing, incomeand estate planning.Residency facilities which also include living in a nursing home and the client’s rights in longterm care facilities.Retirement matters which includes any discrimination on the client’s age or disability and evengrandparent’s rights.An elder law attorney is an expert with the ins and outs of the elder law with a special attentionto planning for an illness, incapacity and estate planning. This eliminates any potentialdifficulties for the senior citizen and his heirs should he becomes sick or when in the event heexpires.Different states have different qualifications for elder law attorneys. Some states requirecertification that a lawyer must be in a good standing of their state bar association and mayhave practiced the profession for a given number of years. The aspiring elder law attorney mustalso be involved with the practice of issues regarding the elderly more than any other clientsthat he has. Aside from these qualifications, he must also pass a comprehensive written examand an in depth review before he is considered for the position.The National Elder Law Foundation is an organization that provides board examination for elderlaw attorneys in the US. After passing the exam, lawyers may now practice elder law and willhave CELA after their names are written.Aspiring elder law attorneys may also check out the bar association of their specific state or thewebsite of the National Elder Law Foundation at or the website of the NationalAcademy of Elder Law Attorneys at for more details.When you meet with an elder law specialist, you need to find out how many years has hebeen practicing as an elder law attorney; don’t be afraid to ask about his experience with yourparticular case or situation. Ask for his membership or affiliation with an elder law attorneyassociation and how much training he has for the field. He must be able to answer yourquestions and inquiries easily and explain any legal issues to you and your family in an efficientmanner. He must also provide contact details and give an estimate of his fees as well.