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Cordys Cloud Harbor Webinar 15 Dec09


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Slides from the December 15th Cloud BPM Webinar

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Cordys Cloud Harbor Webinar 15 Dec09

  1. 1. The Enterprise Cloud Operating Platform How Cloud Computing Will The Cordys Ecosystem Change Business Process Management Agenda George Barlow, CEO, Cloud Harbor Mark de Simone, Chief Sales and Business Development Officer, Cordys Questions and Answers (Moderated by Gabor Fulop, Cloud Harbor) 15 Dec 2009 | 0800 – 0900 hrs Pacific *Please post your questions in the Questions Panel, and they will be answered at the end of the webinar.
  2. 2. How Cloud Computing Will Change Business Process Management George Barlow CEO Cloud Harbor, Inc. December, 2009
  3. 3. Some Terms…  Cloud Computing • “There is a clear consensus that there is no real consensus on what cloud computing is.” • Irving Wladawsky Berger, Chairman Emeritus – IBM Academy of Technology • Delivering browser-centric applications from server resources via internet protocols • George Barlow, CEO – Cloud Harbor, Inc. for today‘s session  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) = On-demand • Subscription applications running on Cloud servers  Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) • Cloud ecosystems where SaaS applications are created and run  Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) • Servers, storage, operating systems, firewalls, etc. as utility computing 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 3
  4. 4. Cloud Delivery Ecosystem Source: ―Cloud Computing. What is it? How will it help me? ‖ Tim M. Crawford, Director of IT Operations, Stanford University Computerworld SaaSCon 2009, Presentation 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 4
  5. 5. Market Forces Converge Mass Market Unified Platform Utility Computing User Affordability Composite Applications Vendor Affordability 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 5
  6. 6. About Software-as-a-Service  SaaS enterprise application market growing* @ 27% CAGR; $6.4B +  By 2012 Cloud Computing will capture at least 25%** of IT spending  SaaS benefits include: 1. Reduce project risk by minimizing up-front capital investments 2. Linear cost scaling not incremental hardware/software investments 3. Rapid ROI from fast deployment and pay-as-you-go pricing 4. No on-going human capital costs for data center operations 5. No on-going software and hardware maintenance fees 6. Freedom to focus on core business with scarce IT resources 7. Frequent software updates/patches without business disruptions 8. Lower training and desktop configuration management costs 9. Consistently lower TOC 10. Typically better reliability, security and interoperability * Gartner, October, 2008 ** Saugatuck Technologies, March, 2009 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 6
  7. 7. About BPM  BPM market among fastest growing* @ 30% CAGR; 2009 $2.5B+  BPM saves money, saves time and adds value  BPM delivers short-term ROI and long-term value  BPM enables companies to: 1. Collaborate between workers, systems and information to create shared understanding of how business results can be optimized 2. Consistently execute the optimal process 3. Coordinate and manage the handoff of work across boundaries 4. Provide real-time feedback to line managers about work in progress (WIP) to support inline process adjustments 5. Monitor process outcomes to performance targets and continuously refine and adjust process flows and rules 6. Collaborate with IT professionals throughout the process life cycle * Average of IDC, Forrester, Gartner and Data Monitor estimates 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 7
  8. 8. SaaS Growth Drivers - Image Courtesy of Rally Software 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 8
  9. 9. Process Defines Cloud Computing Source: Saugatuck Technologies, 2009 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 9
  10. 10. Cloud BPM Platform Needs  A Full Featured BPM Suite • Platform for creation/execution of web-based business applications • Business processes, documents, collaboration, rules and analytics • Multi-language and internationalization support • Pre-built easy-to-change applications immediately available  A Process-driven Business Ecosystem • Single integrated platform for all subscribers • Single set of standards simplifies interoperability • Common architecture optimizes performance inter/intra enterprise • Increases available pool of trained consultants and employees • Supports SOA, Web Services and reusable business logic • Allows inter/intra enterprise collaboration and process execution • Can integrate with other SaaS applications (, etc.) • Can integrate with enterprise systems (SAP, ORACLE, etc.) 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 10
  11. 11. An Ecosystem Overview Web Subscription Signup 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 11
  12. 12. Cloud BPM Constituencies  Application Subscribers • Organizations using only pre-developed BPM applications • Expected to be the largest group  Enterprise BPM Users • Organizations creating BPM applications from scratch • May also be on-premise and/or appliance users  Application Developers • ISVs creating applications for subscribers • Applications may be offered for free or for subscription  Service Providers • A community offering BPM & application services to subscribers • Professional Services, Training, Technical Writing, etc. 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 12
  13. 13. Cloud Delivery Platforms Source: ―Learning to Change ‖ Steven John, CIO, H.B. Fuller Company Computerworld SaaSCon 2009, Presentation 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 13
  14. 14. Product Feature Needs • Enterprise-capable software • Collaborative Capabilities • Standards Support • Web 2.0/3.0 collaboration support • BPMN • IM w/ presence detection • BPEL • Mobile support • XPDL vs. BPDM • Forums / Wikis • JSR-168 & WSRP • RSS feeds • Multi-tenancy with high security • Document repository / content managemen • Events and messaging infrastructure • Email interfaces • SOA/Web Services support • Integrated self-service features • Help and video chat • Electronic forms • Sign-up / Billing • e-Training 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 14
  15. 15. Product Delivery Needs • SaaS Offerings • Concentration on customer service as highest principle • Concentration on driving costs out of the business model • Concentration on playing nicely with others "in the cloud“ • Hardware Appliance Offerings • Offer software on purpose-built servers behind the client's firewall • Include full remote management • Plug and play turnkey solutions • Structure product to deliver running applications on appliances (from a central marketplace) 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 15
  16. 16. Business Operations Platform Model Driven Customers Managers Staff Suppliers Monitor performance Development (Collaborative Work Space) Cordys Business Operations Platform (BOP) Business Process Management Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Composite applications Drag-and-drop web services Suite (BPMS) Composite Master Data Business Case Applications Management SOA Grid Rules Services Management Framework (MDM) (CAF) & UIs Information harmonization Integrated Rules Corporate Data Claims Products Dynamic processes ERP CRM Legacy app Legacy app Linear scalability
  17. 17. The Future is Now ―BPM as a SaaS offering in the Cloud will forever change the way businesses view the cost structure of application creation and maintenance.‖ Source: ―Business Process Management and Cloud Computing” George M. Barlow, CEO, Cloud Harbor, Inc. BPMInstitute Article, April 10, 2009 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 17
  18. 18. Thank You… George Barlow (650) 344-8372 12/15/2009 Cloud Harbor/Cordys Webinar December 15, 2009 18
  19. 19. A Business-model race to the Cloud… PaaS, SaaS, VAS and Open Innovation Mark De Simone Chief Sales and Business Development Officer 19
  20. 20. Accelerate Time to Value Strategy layer 1-2 years Organization layer 3-6 months Business Operations Platform To sync different change cycles Software layer 6-10 years Infrastructure layer 6-10 years
  21. 21. Four Technology Waves are Converging... SOA & BPM Cloud Computing Middleware IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, BPaaS Telecoms IP Convergence ―Open‖ Web 2.0 VAS 21
  22. 22. Cordys for True Business Agility Breaking the boundaries between On-Premise and Cloud Single View Enterprise business Today’s business forecast: Cloudy! MashApps user Situational Application Multi-Tenant Provisioning SaaS Deployment Framework Admin BPM Master Data Management Composite App Framework Model Driven Architecture Composer The switch between all Nonstop Grids are all about standardization and transparency- and building economies of Enterprise Services XML GRID Developer scale ERP CRM Legacy SCM PLM 22
  23. 23. Forrester’s SaaS Maturity Model: Introducing PaaS: a new $15 billion platform market Second-generation SaaS applications deploy on a multipurpose platform, not on a proprietary hybrid business application and platform: PaaS - a new $15billion platform market set to drive a $210 billion application software market today Source: ―How To Be Part Of A New $ 15 billion Market: The Cordys Potential In The Platform As A Service Market‖, Dr. Stefan Ried, Webinar, Forrester Research, 23 June 2009 23
  24. 24. How Do We Get There (In Less Than 6 Months)? PaaS/SaaS Customer Web2.0 Situational Apps SOA-enabled capabilities BPM Mashups composed from OPEN INNOVATION SOA existing services and new Information logic to form an BPM Worker application on-demand. SOA Process Technology business process logic, control & visibility Business SOA Shared Web Services IT exposing data and value added services Value to user Audience 24
  25. 25. Sharing ≠ Collaboration Virtualizing and sharing the cost Structured dynamic processes of buying, maintaining and between business partners operating computing resources between shareholders Yesterday‘s Today‘s Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is about is about Cost Reduction by Business Innovation by Resource Sharing Process Collaboration
  26. 26. A Single, Integrated PaaS, White-labeled for Businesses SOA transforms systems and data into reusable services to access information Cordys Process Factory BPM provides process orchestration, control and Cordys Process Factory visibility to business and knowledge workers Cordys Business Operation Platform as a Service Platform Web 2.0 puts users at the center of everything and drives innovation through collaboration and mashup Platform-as-a-Service PaaS provides the management infrastructure for provisioning & metering services in a multi-tenant cloud architecture 26
  27. 27. Cordys Process Factory - MashApps® Composer • MashApps® are process- centric web applications mashed up on-demand combining web services, process flow and UI mashup. • Use the online MashApps® Composer to build new applications or customize application that you bought from the marketplace • Cloud solution so no hardware to buy • 100% browser-based so no software to install • Zero-coding so no IT programmers required
  28. 28. Case Study: Financial Services Equens – Business Challenge: Compliance Equens (Interpay) Annual processing volume = 7 billion payments Challenges: The Cordys platform enables Interpay to • Regulatory changes by Dutch Central Bank integrate processes and applications without • Contract administration of POS terminals from Equens to having to change those already in place.” banks and acquirers ~ Johan Been • Deregulation mandate required 3 years to implement change Executive Vice President Operations, Equens Compliance • No impact or change to existing POS systems Solution Differentiators Results • Scalable platform for development of new IT applications, to • System delivered in ½ the time required improve the integration of its current systems, to generate • Access-anywhere web-based solution higher quality management information and for work flow • Automatic updates of POS terminals through XML- management translations and transaction-wise orchestration of complex • Secure and robust infrastructure that runs processes in a services distributed commodity hardware platform • High reliability for markets in which large volumes are • Integration with legacy CRM application processed with very high reliability (3rd largest payment processor in Europe) © 2008 Cordys - Confidential
  29. 29. Case Study: Communications Comcast – Business Challenge: Directional Uncertainty Comcast: CATV with largest market capitalization 37.3 million Customers, Revenue: $33.5 Billion Planning and Directional Uncertainty Challenges Solution New Product Development • To determine serviceability Comcast must • Dynamic data in single view: Cordys Business access data from GIS systems, Oracle, legacy Operations Platform provides all of this data plant systems, Autodesk, and an outsourced dynamically in real time to the Customer Service billing package (ASP). Representatives. • To monitor network devices, modems amplifiers • Robust and reliable: Cordys provides a system that etc, there are several technologies installed, but interrogates all devices on their 22,000 mile network no single view. every twenty minutes and the data is processed and Plant personnel are automatically notified. • Plant structure changes daily. • Scalable and flexible: Cordys dynamically notes and reports all incremental changes to Plant systems automatically. © 2008 Cordys - Confidential
  30. 30. Case Study: Communications Comcast - The Solution Business Operations Platform: Serviceability Cordys Business Operations Platform (BOP) Business Process Business Activity Management Suite Monitoring (BAM) (BPMS) Planning and Directional Uncertainty Business Case MDM SOA Grid Rules CAF Services Mgmt New Product Development Application Data Trouble eLOC Spine CAD/GIS Job CRM Tracking Business Operations Platform SOA Grid Rules Engine Modeling BAM • Seamless integration for the • Compile business rules for the • Graphically draw the • Dashboards for process different backend systems Customer footprint proximity and Serviceability business monitoring, KPI measurement (Billing, Engineering ,GIS etc..) plant proximity processes. Execute them and reporting through SOA independent of business rules • Scalable, highly available and and UI reliable. © 2008 Cordys - Confidential
  31. 31. Case Study: Financial Services New York Stock Exchange – Business Challenge: Compliance New York Stock Exchange World‘s largest exchange by dollar volume (Over 3 billion trades per day) Challenges: • Insider trading, manipulative trading, ―window dressing‖ to improve performance figures and sales practices of registered representatives, pose threats to individual investors. • Sophisticated surveillance needed the entire day and over a period of days at the close, with the ability to cull trades to detect recurring patterns. (Such as the number of trades in a three-month period, profit or loss in the account for the same period, turnover of securities, and commissions charged to the account for the year.) Compliance Hurdles Solution • Existing Compliance Application is a non-scalable and hard • Reusable, scalable, process-driven and rules based to maintain client-server application • New application with a process and rules based 5-tier architecture • Longer Time-to-change = Higher non-compliance risk • Flexible and configurable rules-based solution gives control to business user to handle the changes • High volume, complexity of trading process and changing • Dynamic and reliable platform bridges between IT and market needs increases surveillance challenges. business
  32. 32. Case Study: Financial Services The Solution – Compliance Monitoring Application Cordys Business Operations Platform (BOP) Cordys BOP Business Process Management Business Activity Monitoring • SOA Grid – leveraging existing Suite (BPMS) (BAM) technology investments • Rules (Decision Case) – defines Master Data Composite Business Case Applications compliance related rule sets Services Management Management SOA Grid Rules Framework (MDM) (CAF) & UIs • Business Processes – models Compliance and executes business exceptions Corporate Data • Composite Applications (CAF) – Compliance Database provides User Interfaces for Application human participation in the process IBM Websphere CRM Legacy app Legacy app • Escalation management for non- compliance, such as insider trading Business Benefits: Quick time to change – respond quickly to the changing rules, market behavior and conditions © 2008 Cordys - Confidential
  33. 33. Case Study: Public Sector World Bank: Supplier Selection Transparency World Bank HQ: Washington DC, Committed $24.7B to member countries Opportunities: • Need Consultant Selection system to manage and monitor complex global supplier selection process. • Channels to include external portals (SAP), text messages, and e- Supplier Management mail. Solution Differentiators Results • Secure, reliable and robust non-stop high availability • Met high volume and complex needs of global consultant selection process • 100% browser-based user interface and open standards • Affordably extended legacy applications (SAP environment), installed new capabilities and laid • “What you design is what you execute”: groundwork for future applications • Extreme usability and intuitiveness for international scalability and process transparency © 2008 Cordys - Confidential
  34. 34. Case Study: Transportation US Xpress – Business Challenge: M&A ―The reasons for choosing Cordys were numerous, including their ability to quickly integrate disparate systems in a common view and • Largest US Flagship trucking overlay that with business rules that are flexible and easily company focused on truckload configurable by a business analyst. Cordys provides us the business opportunity to overcome our challenges with inter-system integration, on-boarding new acquisitions, billing and payroll—and will give us a higher consolidated view both financially and operationally.‖ ~ Steve Cleary, CIO Organizational Change Challenges Solution • Acquisition or partnership with companies each with • Quick time to market – 60 days own Transportation Management System (TMS) • Rapidly integrated new partners • Increased value of existing, disparate systems • Manual Load Sharing = Labor Intensive • Real-time Process Monitoring/Management • Errors or Under-utilization = Lost Revenue through Executive dashboard with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) • Frequent acquisitions and operational process • Provide bridge between IT and business changes • Reusable, scalable, process-driven © 2008 Cordys - Confidential
  35. 35. Case Study: Manufacturing Tata Motors – Business Challenge: Customer Centricity Largest Automobile Manufacturer in India Largest Portfolio of Products by an Auto Maker, Revenues US$ 7.5 billion Challenges Cordys Foundation + Competitive • Extending comprehensive functionality of DMS Advantage = Concerted Governance application to other channels New Product Development • Portal, Call Center, Mobile Devices, etc • Presenting ‗Same One -Tata Motors‘ to customers from all channels • Building Real-Time Enterprise for Dealers • Managing Speed to market – Process Agility • System upgrades affecting the integrations Solution Strategy • Reuse the existing solutions for problems anywhere • Take management attention from technology to processes © 2008 Cordys - Confidential
  36. 36. Cordys Process Factory - A White Label Marketplace 36
  37. 37. Telecom Example: The Etisalat Cloud Marketplace…  Platform as a Service (PaaS) for creating ―MashApps®‖  Online Market Place for buying and selling ―MashApps®‖
  38. 38. du Business Cloud: Buy & Sell Applications Online
  39. 39. Expense Management About the Application Key features • Submission and tracking of various expense claims such as General Expense (Miscellaneous Expenses and Travel Expenses), Advance Payment, Fiscal Settlement, Allowances for Staying Abroad, getting approval from line manager, HR manager. • Depends on the case, line Manager can decided the need for HR Manager Approval and change the flow standard flow. • Approval flow shows inbuilt difference of getting project manager approval only for the expense related to projects. • One time configurable option to set the rate for Fiscal Settlement. • Dashboard give the insight on claims for various projects, departments, type of claim … • The status of claim settlement can be traced from organization to departments to type of claim till the employee and the amount of claim. • This Expense Claim Details can be printed in a nicely designed to Google Spreadsheet
  40. 40. Expense Management About the Application
  41. 41. Expense Management About the Application
  42. 42. Expense Management About the Application
  43. 43. Expense Management About the Application
  44. 44. Sales Quote Approval About the Application Key Features: • Executives prepares sales quote, getting approval from various departments. Quote can be submitted to any number of departments. • Priority can be set for single or group of departments for every single quote. Quote will be sent to departments with priority 1 for approval. On getting approval from priority -1 group, it forwards to priority-2. Similarly any number of priority can be set for every single quote. • The approval process is both in sequential and parallel order; and is configurable for every quote with easy options. For example, priority 1 has departments ―Project‖ and ―Production‖, in which the priority 1 has sequentially and the corresponding departments ―Project‖ and ―Production‖ happens parallel. • A dashboard gives the status of quote approval with each department. • Quote submitted for individual business partners • Sales quote can be printed to nice Google spreadsheet and shared with business partners.
  45. 45. Sales Quote Approval About the Application
  46. 46. Sales Quote Approval About the Application
  47. 47. Sales Quote Approval About the Application
  48. 48. Sales Quote Approval About the Application
  49. 49. Cordys Process Factory Cloud ERP Business Partner Cloud Structured SaaS Data PLM Unstructured Data ERP Collaborative services SCM CRM Legacy Commercial services On-Premise Data Business Operations Platform (BOP) Directory Services Private Cloud Network Services 49
  50. 50. From Business Application Clouds to the Consumer Mobile MashApp® Store… • Zero-programming composition of services in the cloud will increase open innovation and enable new business models for operators across multiple channels… • Moves service logic from thick-client mobile development to the cloud, where it can be orchestrated, measured, analyzed and targeted for the consumer 50
  51. 51. Conclusions • With any major shift in technology/business there are believers and doubters: ―The Cloud is the evolution of the Internet as the platform for business innovation‖, Peter Fingar, DOT.CLOUD The 21st Century Business Platform ―It‘s complete gibberish…‖, Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle • Forrester has sized the PaaS software platform market at $15billion over the next 5 years. PaaS will increasingly drive a global application software market currently sized at $210 billion in 2009. Forrester Analyst, Dr. Stefan Reid. • Service Providers are ideally positioned to embrace this new market as the major channel for delivering cloud services – by linking PaaS, SaaS and VAS to create open innovation and a game-changing shift in operator revenues. • In 2010 there will be a race by all Businesses to the Cloud • The ROI business case is huge! 51
  52. 52. Questions The Enterprise Cloud Operating Platform The Cordys Ecosystem How Cloud Computing Will Change Business Process Management Agenda George Barlow, CEO, Cloud Harbor Mark de Simone, Chief Sales and Business Development Officer, Cordys Questions and Answers (Moderated by Gabor Fulop, Cloud Harbor) *Please post your questions in the Questions Panel |