Film poster Analysis - Wanted


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Film poster Analysis - Wanted

  1. 1. FILM POSTER ANALYSISWantedGabi Summers
  2. 2. WANTED
  3. 3. COLOURS The main colour scheme for the ‘Wanted’ poster is a sand/gold colour and black. The black colour implies to the audience that something mysterious is happening in the poster. It is often a colour associated with evil, death and the supernatural and from this we get a feel that something bad may happen in the film and that something is being hide from the audience. The gold colour reflects wealth, perhaps linking in with the title in that some form of reward or possession is wanted by the characters. The colour scheme makes the silver gun stand out from the poster further. This makes the audience focus more on the object and question the significance.
  4. 4. FIGURES & OBJECTS The main figure in the poster is the female featured to the left of the poster. The female is focused on largely in the poster however, we cannot see her face that well. This makes it difficult to try and relate to the poster but creates almost an element of mystery to the poster. Added to this is the tattoos that give almost a rebellious feel to the character. The fact she is holding a gun signifies that she is involved with some form of violence; implying that in fact she is quite a fierce and hard character. The male in the poster is focused further behind the female, showing perhaps that he is inferior to her and enhancing her dominance. There are a large number of guns featured in the poster which again links in with the action genre. The fact that the backdrop of the poster is a city skyline implies that some kind of action is taking part amongst this.
  5. 5. AUDIENCE I think the audience for the ‘Wanted’ poster may appeal to a large number of people. Since the poster does not give away a large amount of detail regarding the film, it is quite difficult to make judgement on it. It is therefore difficult to form an opinion on it before going to see the film so will appeal to a large audience. On the other hand, the film may appeal more so to males since action is largely connoted in the poster; males are stereotypically more fond of this type of film genre as opposed to females.
  6. 6. PERSUASIVE TECHNIQUES In the poster, the female woman could be used as a persuasive technique. Since males may find the woman featured attractive, they may be persuaded to view the film. The fact that the woman is connoting violence may also appeal to audiences as it is not a stereotypical feature of a film that we would see. The fact that the poster does not contain a lot of text may persuade people to see the film; this is because we are unaware of what the film could be about and as a result of this we want our question about it to be answered.
  7. 7. GENRE In my opinion, the film belongs to the action genre. This is due to the guns featured in the poster. The two models hold a very action type stance in the way they are positioned which makes them appear almost ‘ready for action’ as well as being ready for defence. Gun’s are a typical feature of action genre and therefore, this item implies this as they are a sign of violence; a stereotypical feature of an action film.
  8. 8. USP The main USP for the poster is the female in the image. The woman is holding a gun which strongly implies that she is involved in some form of violence. This subverts typical action genres as usually films would not have a female protagonist. Therefore, this could be the main USP of the film poster since audience’s are not stereotypically used to this convention.
  9. 9. TAG LINE There is no tag line on the poster. The general poster is quite simple yet very effective as the lack of any text promotes the audience to focus on the image which in itself is advertising the film.