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ARCHaracter Flipbook Frames


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology, Business
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ARCHaracter Flipbook Frames

  1. 1. sculpted exterior boxed interior space art-itecture
  2. 2. 43 fluid form lofted curves blobby
  3. 3. multiple stories w/ variety of program elevator structural diagrid congested skyscraper
  4. 4. 45 continuous grid monumental form continuous landscape
  5. 5. bold geometric apertures symmetry expressed materiality contrast & geometry
  6. 6. 47 material and structural expression open plan transparency vs. opacity crutches of modernism
  7. 7. narrow and tall efficient residual space cuteness cute leftovers
  8. 8. 49 roof garden ribbon windows free elevation pilotis free floor plan ribbon windows five easy pieces
  9. 9. fragmented space intersecting grids functionlessness
  10. 10. 51 structural skin abstracted diagrammatic pattern clear organization transparency vs opacity i am what i am
  11. 11. red deconstructed form informal program ideal vs. real
  12. 12. 53 combination of arbitrary form thoughtful application of livable space intellectual nonsense
  13. 13. anonymous, opaque exteriorcomplex interior introvert
  14. 14. 55 monumental, massive form concrete textile blocks reminiscent of Mayan temples small apertures concrete textile blocks mesoamericana
  15. 15. material expression elegant structural detailing minimalist form OCDetail
  16. 16. 57 spiraling organic landformspiraling organic landform radical eclectic
  17. 17. scale-less apertures pitched roof flat, two-dimensional, ornamental facades street talker
  18. 18. 59 fluid spatiality curvilinear form fragmented geometry way of the future