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  1. 1. Web 2.0 Tumblr Tutorial Kayla Hudson, Gabe Pullin, Kim Gunnell
  2. 2. Introduction O Tumblr is a free blogging website in which members can interact through pictures, videos, and text. O Members can respond to each other’s posts in real time all over the world. O Membership is free and users engage in educational and recreational conversation.
  3. 3. O Don’t forget to verify your email address!
  4. 4. This is the Tumblr dash. Interesting posts from the people who you follow will show up on here and you can scroll through.
  5. 5. This is where you can choose what to post on your blog. This bar is located at the top of your dash next to your icon. Click your chosen field and post!
  6. 6. Tumblr in Education O Tumblr can be used in Art and English classes. Students can post and comment critiques on each other’s artwork created inside the class. O In English classes, Tumblr can be used to write combined stories with many different authors in the posts on the site, and they can follow each other. Tumblr can be used to discuss the five senses, psychology, write group speeches, and discuss monetary issues.
  7. 7. Pros and Cons of using Tumblr in the Classroom O Pros: All of the students can follow each other and discuss assignments outside of class, teachers can monitor the posts and make sure the students are communicating regularly about only the assignments. O Cons: Tumblr is not filtered and inappropriate content could be found easily, monitoring the blogs would take up time and energy.