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Startup Weekend Seattle Agile


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The slide deck showing how Startup Weekend Seattle from Nov 11th to the 13th can leverage Agile Development to build a better company.

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Startup Weekend Seattle Agile

  1. 1. Agile for Startup Weekend in 15 minutes or less...
  2. 2. About Me● Gabe Brown ○● Lecturer at University of Washington● Published with Microsoft Research● Certified by creator of Scrum
  3. 3. Top 2 Pitfalls for Small Teams1. Cannot demonstrate execution and poor planning ○ Too big of scope to finish in time ○ Brittle or sloppy execution by cutting corners
  4. 4. Top 2 Pitfalls for Small Teams2. No connection to customers ○ Assume to know what customers want ○ Fail to meet with customers to understand their needs ○ Make a complicated product that doesnt match how people think it should work
  5. 5. Where Agile can Help 1. Reduce risk of taking too long
  6. 6. Where Agile can Help 2. Reduce risk of executing the wrong direction
  7. 7. Where Agile can Help 3. Facilitate discovery of the unknown
  8. 8. Where Agile can Help 4. Steer the team with rapidly changing data
  9. 9. Startup Weekend Agile1. Elect: a. Setup team roles2. Plan: a. Plan tasks that will have the biggest impact b. Determine who will do what c. Estimate how long tasks will take3. Execute: a. Implement the plan b. Adapt as you discover new information4. Discover: a. Review work completed b. Ask how to improve
  10. 10. Roles1. Product Owner a. Responsible for talking to customers b. Collect feedback and repriortize or add to product backlog
  11. 11. Roles● Scrum Master ○ Responsible for running the: ■ planning meeting ■ stand ups ■ discovery sessions ○ Product Owner cannot be the Scrum Master!
  12. 12. Roles● Team Member ○ Make things happen!
  13. 13. Planning● Build/Update a backlog ○ Prioritized list of things the customer wants ■ If you dont know, add tasks to discover it ○ Order list by business value to the Sunday demo
  14. 14. Sample Backlog for Flowers.comBusiness Value Story1 As a customer, I should be able to browse through the flower collection2 As a customer, i want to be able to register an account so my information is stored automatically and I can manage my account.3 As the proprieter, I want to know what my current sales are.4 As a proprieter, I want to be able to reward my loyal and repeating customers with discounts.
  15. 15. Planning1. Plan 1 day of work from the backlog a. Decide which person will do the task and what will be done by EOD ○ Estimate each item in time to complete in hours ■ Use the your hands to quickly estimate b. Make sure everyone has at least 6-10 hrs of work
  16. 16. Execution● Meet every 2-4 hours after planning ○ What did you do? ○ What are you going to do? ○ Whats blocking you making progress? ○ How much time is left on tasks?● Product owner syncs up with feedback from customers ○ Update the backlog with results ○ What if there is a big change?
  17. 17. Discovery● At end of the day ○ Demo what was accomplished that day to the team ○ Ask how the team can improve tomorrow? ○ Product Owner discuss updated backlog with team ○ Get ready to plan the next day
  18. 18. RepeatGo back to planning and repeat!
  19. 19. Top 4 Tools for SUW Teams1. Post it Notes2. Google Spreadsheets3. PivotalTracker.com4.
  20. 20. Thanks! Gabe Brown @gabosgab