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  2. 2. Why make hardware?• The rapid advancement of open-source software has created a need for open-source hardware.• Open-source hardware platforms, such as BugLabs, Pachube and BeagleBoard give developers and hobbyists robust open-source resources to deliver new products to the marketplace quickly and at low risk.
  3. 3. You can hardly get your hands on $100k inseed funding without having a workingprototype of the thing you’re building
  4. 4. But… thanks to crowdfunding initiatives likeKickstarter, as well as better, cheaper, morewidely available tools + proliferating expertise,making hardware for profit is getting easier.Entrepreneurs can now head to China with their$50,000 in Kickstarter money and quickly watchtheir products come off an assembly line
  5. 5. • On May 18th a small start-up called Allerta became the talk of the tech community by setting a new record on the crowd-funding site KickStarter.• They raised an astonishing $10.2 million from individuals who pre-ordered, and hence funded manufacturing of the $150 Pebble smart-watch.
  6. 6. A look at the platforms…• Arduino and Bug Labs are both open source electronics platforms.• TI’s Beagle Board, Qualcomm’s developer program and Raspberry Pi also offer young hardware hacks an easy way in to the space.• Thingiverse is emerging as an interesting repository of digital designs.• While a full-on GitHub equivalent in the hardware space has not emerged yet, it’s likely that this will happen.
  7. 7. generates around 50,000visitors every week, making it one of the largestand most collaborative communities in theopen-source hardware world. Members areposting 3-5 new projects each week and aregetting instant feedback.
  8. 8. New flexible and extensible open hardwaredevelopment platforms can effectively facilitatea development team’s transition into the open-source world.We’re here to tell you how to source your tools,bring your designs to life and then get them tomarket in the least amount of time, withminimal pain.
  9. 9. So, what’s a Makercamp, and how can youparticipate?The pre-SXSW Makercamp will be held the twodays before SXSW Interactive at a super secretlocation deep in hill country. We’ll be showingoff our mad skills, learning new ones, andhacking any cool stuff we can get our hands on.
  10. 10. And yes, there will be hacking of these…