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Trailer pitch

  1. 1. By Kessia and Gabby
  2. 2.  A teenage orphan, embarks on a life changing journey to success using seven key steps. The genre: drama Length: 2 minutes Synopsis
  3. 3.  The story is about a teenage orphan, who ran away from his foster parents, he is found squatting in abandoned homes in London. One day he bumps into a wealthy accountant who mistakenly drops a card revealing seven key steps to success. Without knowing he picks up the card and tries to give it back to the him but the accountant continues to walk away. The orphan looks at the card and notices what it is. He eventually uses these seven key steps to embark on his journey to his success. Story Idea:
  4. 4.   The reason why we are making this film is because we believe as teenagers everyone has a desire to be successful, in different ways.  This films seeks to portray the success story of a teenage orphan who is trying to make a better life of himself.  Our unique selling point is that it is a hard hitting tale of teenage runaway who finds his purpose in life through seven key steps. Which is a rare storyline in films, targeted at young people. Unique Selling Point
  5. 5.   Dreams  Knowledge  Dedication  Belief  Discipline  Change  Commitment Seven Keys to Success
  6. 6.  The target audience that we have chosen for this film is that of 16-24. This is because our film focuses on the life of a teenage orphan and we believe that this age group will best relate to this character and his story. Furthermore making it appeal more to people of this age group. The film also seeks to have an impact on our viewers therefore by having a character of the same age group as our target audience will allow the audience to empathise with the character. Target Audience
  7. 7.   Seven Steps  A Journey  The Encounter  The homeless man  Restoration  Man In the mirror Name Ideas
  8. 8.  Similar Movies Main Inspiration :
  9. 9.  Main Character: Joel Business man : Egecan Goke The trailer would be filmed mainly on the streets of London specifically targeting the ruff areas of London to portray the characters lifestyle and also a business setting in Liverpool street to portray the flip side of the characters journey to success. There will also be scenes shot in a house showing where the character lives. Characters/Location
  10. 10.  Todorov – This film seeks to challenge the conventions of Todorov’s theory as the film will follow a different structure of disequilibrium, where the character will begin in a state of unbalance and desperation and then move to an equilibrium where he finds a balance in his life and finally a resolution in which he fulfils his goal of success. Barthes – The film will greatly use the conventions of Barthes theory in which it will include elements of narratives codes for example the enigma code allowing the audience to question why the character is so eager to be successful?, what happened to the characters real parents?, why did he run away from his foster parents? Theories
  11. 11.  We would like for our audience to be active as we want them to see our trailer and really empathise with the character. Also we want them to be inspired to think about their own dreams of success and how they can incorporate these seven steps to their lives. Active or Passive