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  1. 1. Welcome to my BaCC! I am currently switching all my chapters to either slideshare oronto my new blog just for my challenge. I hope you enjoy the first week of the Grey familyand that you leave me a comment.So, without further ado, week one.
  2. 2. Everybody had called Lillian crazy when shed left her hometown of Riverblossom Hills to buy an empty plot ofland in an area where there was literally nothing.But, Lillian Grey was far from crazy.Maybe a little delusional - but not crazy.Living in Riverblossom Hills hadn’t been all that bad. Like any other city in the Sim world, Riverblossom was full ofunique sims, but it was also full of crime, political turmoil, snooty families, certain apocalyptic lots, legacy families,and seemed to have an infestation of vampires. Other than that, living there was great.
  3. 3. Lillian refused to believe that there wasn’t somewhere better to live. Safer, more self-dependent. And when shecouldn’t find a better place, she decided to make one. So, with the little money she had, she purchased a new lot,built a home, and went through the legalities of starting a new city.People had called her crazy, of course. They told her she would fail. That she was an idiot.Nevertheless, as she took her first deep breath in front of her new home, she couldnt help but smile.
  4. 4. It wasnt long before a few wanderers stumbled upon her little home (after all, who didn’t want to see the crazylady who had purchased all the free land from Pleasantview to Strangetown?), and Lillian made sure to greet thembefore she died of boredom. Besides, she knew the first step was to get more settlers. She had done a little research.Just a little.
  5. 5. "So," Michelle Tse looked Lillian over, "whats a girl like you doing so far south of Riverblossom?"Lillian grinned at her. "Well, Id like to think that Im founding a city. I just . . . wanted something different for my life.The city is so full of people that only want to hurt or get ahead in the world," she shrugged, "I just wanted a place wherepeople could live away from all that.""A city, huh?" Michelle nodded after a moment. "So whats it gonna be called?"
  6. 6. "I was thinking Greyshire," Lillian admitted somewhat sheepishly, "after my family."Michelle rolled her eyes playfully. "Naming it after yourself, huh? I knew you were a Fortune sim the first time I laideyes on you."Lillian smiled, “Well, lets hope I can give it a good name, then, huh?"Michelle chuckled knowingly. "I dont think thats going to be a problem for you at all."
  7. 7. "So what do you think of the new girl? How long will she last out here in the sticks?" Jason Menon asked the older man.Joe raised his eyebrows. He glanced over at the two women on the couch and shook his head, a smile playing on thecorner of his lips. "I think shes going to last quite a while.“Jason rolled his eyes. “I give her two weeks.”“I’ll take that bet.”
  8. 8. After her new friends had left, Lillian headed over to the first community lot of Greyshire. She decided to go withGreys Odds n Ends, because she really didnt have a creative bond in her body when it came to naming things.Greyshire - Greys Odds n Ends - being a founder did have some privileges.
  9. 9. It wasn’t much, but it would do. For now. This is really happening, Lillian thought with a grin."Well," she looked at her little lot with a sense of pride, "nows as good a time as ever."With a little nod, Lillian went and opened her business for the first time.
  10. 10. The shop was pretty empty for the first few hours, but then it seemed like more and more peoplewere stumbling upon it. Soon, Lillian was meeting more and more new people. She silently thanked Boolprop forMichelle Tse. (Who else would have told all the city people about her little store?)
  11. 11. By the time mid-afternoon rolled around on her first day, Lillian hadnt made that much of a profit yet, but herbusiness had gotten a solid review from a reporter from Sim City and had moved up to a Level 4 rank.Lillian was going to need some kind of help pretty soon - if she ever wanted to leave the lot.But, being a Fortune sim, she didn’t really mind.Besides – there were way more opportunities to meet new settlers. Or even a potential spouse.
  12. 12. Lillian couldnt quite put her finger on it yet, but it seemed like there were a lot of forces already around Greyshire.From appearing cockroaches to glowing cats popping up - it seemed like some sort of magic.
  13. 13. And there was no denying that Greyshire was a little magical.
  14. 14. As the middle of the week rolled by, Lillian found a job open in the Politics career - after all, she had foundedGreyshire, she could very well be the mayor of it someday, too.And who knew - maybe it would be easier than running her business.
  15. 15. It took one day for Lillian to realize that she did not want to be a politician.
  16. 16. "So what do you do for a living, Ivy?" Lillian asked the girl she had met at her store the previous day.The two had hit it off, and Lillian was hoping that Ivy could be her first real friend. She was getting to know Michellesome, but she always seemed to be busy with her job in the city.Ivy shrugged. "Explore the world, I guess. Im what you call a Townie - I just go and go, meeting newpeople and always on the move.”
  17. 17. Lillian frowned slightly. It sounded tiring. "Dont you want to settle down eventually? How can you just never stop?”"Well," Ivy raised her eyebrows, "its all Ive ever known. Sure, Id love to settle down. Someday,“ Ivy stressed theword, looking at Lillian with a smile. "Dont try to pull me into your little city scheme yet."
  18. 18. Lillian grinned. Not quite yet.
  19. 19. "Welcome to Greys Odds n Ends." Lillian pounced on the familiar, if quirky, looking woman. She had seen her multipletimes by her shop, but never had the chance to talk to her. "I‘m Lillian Grey, founder of Greyshire.""Ah, how quaint," the woman smiled at Lillian. "You seem to be starting out quite well. How long have you been here?Two, three days?""Three, actually, and I keep seeing people like you everywhere. This might sound crazy, but I think that youcan do magic," Lillian spoke excitedly, her eyes lighting up. "And I want to know all about it.”Admittedly, Lillian was a pretty direct sim, but that did not prepare her for the woman’s reaction.
  20. 20. "You think that you can just waltz up to me and demand to know everything?" The woman sneered at her, "Listen,kid, youre new, so Ill enlighten you. This land has been the in-between for the light and dark paths for centuries.Just because some little girl had dreams of turning it into a society does not mean you control me or this area.Understand?”Lillian raised her eyebrows. You can’t be intimidated. This is your town now, she reminded herself.
  21. 21. "I understand fine, thank you," Lillian said coolly, "Im sorry if I offended you.""Yeah, well," the woman glanced at her before taking out her broom, "Ill see you around, kid.“Lillian nodded wordlessly as she mounted the broom and literally flew away. Well, she thought, I was right about thewhole magic thing."Dont mind her, Lillian. Shes just having a bad day," a voice said from behind her, making Lillian jump slightly.
  22. 22. Lillian turned around to find yet another glowing woman. "How do you know my name?" She asked hesitantly."Well, you are somewhat of a new face around here. No one ever comes into this land. Its nice to see somebodytrying to make it into something, well, more,” the woman grinned. "And, yes, we are magical. Were witches.""I guessed that, it just seemed kind of . . ." Lillian trailed off, averting her eyes.
  23. 23. "Crazy?" The witch suggested mischievously. "Of course it is for someone like you. Well, I better be going - but LillianLillian looked at her unsurely. "Yes?“The witch smiled mysteriously at her. "Well be watching."Lillian laughed nervously. "Great.”Just great.
  24. 24. It wasnt long before Lillian met Linda Barthlette, an enthusiastic woman who loved to buy her fish.Lillian invited her over for lunch, trying to get the feel for her. She needed potential settlers. It was almost the end ofher first week - and so far, it was still just her in little Greyshire.And she couldnt help but feel a little lonely."Lillian? Did you hear what I said?” Linda spoke up.
  25. 25. "No, sorry. I was in another world. What were you saying?" Lillian smiled at her sheepishly."I was just thanking you for inviting me out here. Your house is great, even if theres nothing else for miles," Lindajoked with a friendly smile, "youre spunky. I admire that in a person.""Well," Lillian smiled lightly, "thank you, but its only been a few days. I have a lot of work ahead of me."
  26. 26. "Well," Linda picked up her glass and rose it into the air. "To new beginnings, fresh starts, dreams, and the future.I think thats enough for one toast, right?"Lillian shook her head. "And to new friends."Linda grinned at Lillian and winked. "Of course."
  27. 27. Lillian couldn’t help but grin as she took the toast.
  28. 28. The last few days of her first week were hectic.Lillian hired a man from the city as her helper because all too soon, there were people flocking her store for herprize-winning fish. But Lillian didnt mind at all. It kept her busy. And Lillian liked being busy.
  29. 29. Having a store had its ups and downs, but Lillian loved meeting all the new people.Every person she met was a potential customer, friend, settler, or all three.Or something else entirely.
  30. 30. So, yes, Lillian was quite enjoying her store.
  31. 31. She was also getting to know more and more people - Michelle managed to find her way over to the Greyhouse at least once a day, if not just to play a game of catch or grab a bite of fish.
  32. 32. And Lillian found herself hosting some other guests as well.
  33. 33. Linda slowly but surely became her best friend.As the week came to its end, Lillian found herself wanting to spend more time with Linda. After deliberating over itfor hours, she decided to ask Linda to move in so she could become a new settler - she was even prepared to buy hera home near hers and a lot for a business.
  34. 34. “Stop! Stop!" Lillian demanded in a fit of giggles. Linda obediently stopped tickling her friend and grinned."I give up, you fiend,“ Lillian said."I know you, Lillian Grey," Linda rolled her blue eyes, "and you never give up. You just have an ulterior motive."
  35. 35. "You could call it that," Lillian admitted with a smile. "Were friends, right?""No," Linda rolled her eyes, "I hate you.“"Good!" Lillian said brightly. "Well . . . I really enjoy spending time with you, Linda. Youre outgoing, cheerful, and youwant to make something of yourself. Youre easy to talk to. A good person. Probably even better than me," Lillian mused.Linda mock-gasped. "Did Lillian Grey just admit that I, Linda Barthlette, is better? Are you feeling okay?""In all seriousness," Lillian looked at her friend, "I wanted to know if youd consider . . . moving in?"
  36. 36. "Im flattered, Lil, really," Linda grinned at her friend. "You want me to settle here? In Greyshire?"Lillian nodded enthusiastically. "I could buy you your own home . . . but, if you wanted to . . . you could live here."Lillian bit her lip, "With me. For, well, ever.”Did I really just say that? Lillian held her breath, watching Linda’s face. Idiot. She . . . Why would she want me?Linda looked at Lillian. “What are you asking me, Ms. Grey?”
  37. 37. "Depends on what your answer is, Miss Barthlette.” Lillian smiled.
  38. 38. And in the end, Linda’s answer was yes.
  39. 39. By the time 7:59 rolled around on Monday morning, Lillian Grey was looking forward to the future,knowing that nothing could hold her back.