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Beverage Alcohol


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Beverage Alcohol

  1. 1. The UB Group is 3rd largest spirits marketer in the world, with overall sales reaching 60 million cases. Subsequent to the acquisition of Shaw Wallace & Company Limited, The UB Group spirits divison offers 140 brands at varying p points, attracting consumers of every taste. Combined with its unparalleled reach it has become an object of envy for the comp Five of UB Group's brands, viz., Bagpiper Whisky, McDowell's No.1 Whisky, Director's Special Whisky, McDowell's No.1 Brandy McDowell's Celebration Rum have been included in Impact International's Top 100 Distilled Spirits Brands Worldwide by Retail Spirits United Spirits Limited ( Formerly Mcdowell & Company Limited & Herbertsons Limited) Shaw Wallace & Company Ltd. United Spirits limited is the major player in the spirits business. o Is the 3rd largest spirits marketer in the world with sales of approx. 60 million cases. o The 'Millionaire' Brands belonging to United Spirits has increased to 15. o McDowell's No.1 Brandy is the largest selling brandy in the world. o McDowell's No. 1 Whisky is one of the fastest growing whisky brands in the world with sales of over 6.07 milli cases. o McDowell's No.1 Celebration Rum is one of the fastest growing rum brands in the world with sales of over 5.4 million cases. o McDowell's No.1 Whisky is the 5th largest non-scotch whisky and 8th largest whisky (including Scotch) in the o Offers 140 brands. o Bagpiper Whisky is India's Largest selling whisky with sales of over 10 million cases last year. o John Exshaw Brandy has joined the millionaire club. Bagpiper Whisky and Honey Bee Brandy are millionaire b o Bagpiper Whisky is the 4th largest selling whisky and largest selling non-scotch whisky brand in the world The Group's spirits business sold around 60 million cases .The Division has scaled unprecedented global heights and now occup position of the 3rd largest spirits marketer in the world .It offers 140 brands at varying price points - attracting consumers of e taste- and combined with its unparalleled reach has become an object of envy for the competition. Some of its brands like McD No.1 Whisky, No.1 Celebration Rum and No.1 Brandy occupy the top rungs in India in terms of volume. McDowell No.1 Brandy i largest selling brandy in the world. United spirits (Formerly Mcdowell & Company Limited & Herbertsons Limited ) has always powered ahead riding on innovation series of packaging innovations have added value and assurance for the customer. These include holograms, non-refillable 'gua
  2. 2. caps, tamper proof tear off caps based on German technology. Not surprisingly,United spirits occupies the pride of place in UB contributing to a major chunk of the Group's turnover. Herbertsons Limited was incorporated into the UB fold in 1973 as the m channel for the Group's Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) brands, the third largest beverage alcohol company in India. Today brands Bagpiper Whisky and Honey Bee Brandy are millionaire brands Bagpiper Whisky is the 4th largest selling whisky and la selling non-scotch whisky brand in the world. HL sells over 12 Million cases per year. On 16th May ,2007 USL acquired hundred percent of Whyte & Mackay for £595m. Whyte & Mackay is a leading distiller of Scotch Whisky, owning brands including The Dalmore, Isle of Jura, Glayva, Fettercairn, Vladivar vodka and the eponymous Whyte & Mackay blended Scotch. Founded on the docks of Glasgow in 1844, Whyte & Mackay has remained true to itself and its founders James Whyte and Char Mackay’ s pioneering spirit for over 160 years. Today, when the traditional masculine value of pride, integrity and style are often forfeited in favour of profit, expediency and celebrity, Whyte & Mackay Blended Scotch Whiskey remains the No.1 choice of Scots, who appreciate its rich, smooth flavour, achieved by maintaining the time-honoured Double marriage Blending process, something that all Scotch whisky distillers did b accountants took over the world.
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  4. 4. Shaw Wallace & Co. Limited Ever since its inception in 1886, Shaw Wallace has established a legacy in India that is drenched in the spirit of the Nation for t 120 years. The company came into existence at a time when the country was battling for its freedom against the colonialism of British regime. Shaw Wallace after a modest beginning blossomed into one of the forerunners in the alcohol and beverage industry. In 1987, t company came under the leadership of the late Mr. M. R. Chhabria. In yet another historic development, in June 2005, Shaw Wallace was taken over by The UB Group, spearheaded under the dyn leadership of Dr. Vijay Mallya. Heralding a complete new era for the erstwhile corporate entity, Dr. Mallya completed the acquis taking over as the company's Chairman, making the combined entity of McDowell, Herbertsons and Triumph Distilleries & Vintn SWC as the third largest distilled spirits marketer in the world.
  5. 5. Beer United Breweries Limited (UBL) Upon demerger of the beer business from the erstwhile United Breweries Limited, the newly constituted UBL has become the m brewing company of the UB Group. The latter has now been renamed as United Breweries (Holdings) Limited. UBL has been as with brewing for over five decades and and commands a domestic market share in excess of 50%. Its leading brands readily br cheer all over India and abroad - that include Kingfisher, UB Export, London Pilsner, Premium Ice and Kalyani Black Label. The Kingfisher towers over every beer brand not only in India but on foreign shores too. While Kingfisher Premium has raced to sales of 18.8 million cases, Kingfisher Strong became the fastest growing brand. Its sales crossed the 10 million cases mark within 5 years of introduction. The brand has also comfortably outpaced the industry average growth- notching up 29 % growth as against 3% for the industry. Relentless innovation has played a major part in these achievements. For non stop partying, a 5 litre keg of Kingfisher draught beer has been introduced that blends versatility with economy. A four pack has also been introduced by London Pilsner -another brand within the fold. An attractive new value pack has also been introduced for the traditional markets. To build upon its leadership position, UBL has broken new grounds with a multi-faceted strategic alliance with Scottish & Newcastle Plc. (S&N). While allowing UBL to market S&N's international brands in India, it will also leverage S&N's global network while further globalizing the Kingfisher brand. commands a domestic market share of over 50% Leading brands are Kingfisher, UB Export, London Pilsner, Premium Ice and Kalyani Black Label. Kingfisher to bring in quot;international good timesquot; with S & N's brands. And Kingfisher will also bring cheer abroad. Kingfisher is the only Indian Beer brand available in 52 countries and also on international flights. Every third beer sold in India is Kingfisher.
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