Safaricom facebook case study


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Safaricom facebook case study

  1. 1. 14,000 TO 100,000 IN 200 FANS FANS DAYS A SQUAD DIGITAL CASE STUDY The story of how we helped Safaricom go from 14, 855 Facebook fans to more than a 100,000 in just 200 days (with no media spend). HOW WE DID IT 1. MESSAGE MANAGEMENT AIM To place Safaricom at the centre of a customer’s everyday life. APPROACH CONTENT Discussing matters Safaricom Social that are relevant to Media covers everything their daily lives. from Kenyan History to Sports and the local entertainment scene.
  2. 2. 14,000 TO 100,000 IN 200 HOW WE DID IT 2. CONSOLIDATION AIM To consolidate APPROACH conversation Merging the content happening around the and the message brand onto one management strategy page. for all the different pages. CONTENT Event and sponsorship pages created content that was customer- centric, and drove engagement levels. 3. OPTIMIZATION AIM To make the most effective use of the APPROACHSafaricom Facebook Gamification of Page. products/offers would drive participation on the Page, and so would Customer Service. CONTENT A dedicated team was assigned to provide support for Customer Query Resolution. Products & Offers were converted into simple games that fans could enjoy.
  3. 3. 14,000 TO 100,000 IN 200 HOW WE DID IT WHAT HAVE WE ACHIEVEDThe Safaricom Facebook Page is now one of the fastest growing fan pages inthe world (and we don’t spend any money to promote it)Safaricom is now the biggest non-media Facebook brand page in East Africa.The page is now one of the most highly engaged pages in Africa with as manyas 15,000 people commenting and participating in engagement activities, andsome posts gain as many as 1800 comments in mere minutes.
  4. 4. Need The Same Solution For Your Brand?Contact Us Gaurav Singh +254 702 119129 @gauravtwits