Proposal for english week


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This is a proposal for activities related to English week for a group of students from 8th grade.

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Proposal for english week

  1. 1. Proposal for English Week<br />By:MargorieEncarnación<br />Gabriel Tirado<br />Ingrid Urrutia<br />Adrian Ortiz<br />Mario Gonzalez<br />
  2. 2. Presentation letter<br />In this proposal we will be presenting how will we approach the 8th grade by making a full week of activities related to the English week theme. Activities like spelling bee, unscramble the words, capitalization war, splat, mimic it. These games will be educational and at the same time fun.<br />
  3. 3. Approach <br />We will impact the 8th grade.<br />There are 26 students in grade 8-2<br />There are 13 girls and 13 boys<br />The purpose of this proposal is to educate and entertain the young students of our community and inspire them to learn the wonders of English.<br />This will impact them in a fun and educating way.<br />
  4. 4. Goals and objectives<br />Goals: we will make this approach to them so they can understand, speak and interpret English better.<br />Objectives: we will reach our goals by presenting to them activities but the group will be divided in two (boys and girls), they will earn points every day and that will decide the winner at the end of the week, some of the games will be:<br />1.spelling bee: we will present a list of about 13 words per group and every word that is spelled correctly earns a point.<br />2.unscramble the words: there will be 13 chairs per group, on every chair there will be a balloon to earn a point they must pop the balloon, but to pop it they must unscramble the word that is presented to them.<br />3.capitalization war: both groups will be seated in two tables and there will be two papers with 13 sentences and every student must capitalize correctly every sentence to earn a point, if neither of the groups capitalize every sentence correctly, the point will go the group that capitalized most sentences correctly.<br />4.splat: there will be 13 examples on both groups, every student must guess if it’s a adjective, noun, pronoun, etc. If the student guesses wrong they will get splatter with a plate of whip cream. The group that guessed the most gets the point.<br />5.mimic it: there will be a group of students behind three students, they will be holding a piece of paper containing a word three other students will be in front of the seated students and they must mimic the word written on the piece of paper and the seated students must guess what the word is. There will be 3 words the first group that guesses the 3 words gets the point. This activity will work as a tie breaker.<br />
  5. 5. Evaluation plan<br />The following table will be used to evaluate our activities:<br />
  6. 6. Materials<br />Paper<br />Balloons <br />Plates <br />Chairs <br />Tables<br />Whip cream<br />Prizes <br />Music<br />
  7. 7. List of students<br />1. Angelica Acevedo<br />2. Allen Amador<br />3.Iancarlo Bauza<br />4. Fey Cofresi<br />5. Breishaly Fernandez<br />6. Nicole Figueroa<br />7. Paola Figueroa<br />8. Bianca Hernandez<br />9. KennishaIrlanda<br />10. Gabriel Leon<br />11. Paola Melendez<br />12. Yarelois Melendez<br />13. Josseant Moeller<br />14.Eddy Pimentel<br />15. Yzzis Pizarro<br />16. Jan Pomales<br />17.Alejandra Rodriguez<br />18. Alejandro Roig<br />19.Andres Sanchez<br />20. Antonio Sanchez<br />21. Allens Santiago<br />22. Yarivette Sierra<br />23.Eloy Soler<br />24. KarimaTirado<br />25. Amanda Tirado<br />26.Oscar Vega<br />