Explorations in genealogy 1


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Exploration in Genealogy, summer 2013. Session 1: Beginning research, vital records, organization and record keeping

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Explorations in genealogy 1

  1. 1. Explorations in GenealogyUW-Eau Claire Continuing Education SeriesWednesdays, May 22 – June 12, 2013
  2. 2. Explorations in Genealogy●Session One– Beginning Research– Vital Records– Organization & Record Keeping
  3. 3. Explorations in Genealogy●Session Two– Census Records– Online Research– Widening your search (other records)
  4. 4. Explorations in Genealogy●Session Three– Archiving Documents and Keepsakes– Tour of the ARC Special Collections●Session Four– Writing Your Story– Q&A and Individual Help
  5. 5. Instructors●Kathy Herfel, L.E. Phillips Library●Deb Jarvar, GRSEC●Tom Davey, GRSEC●Karin Pettis, GRSEC●Greg Kocken, UW-EC McIntyre Library
  6. 6. Beginning Research●Start with what you already know
  7. 7. Next Steps●Family stories & oral histories●Personal interviews●Dont procrastinate
  8. 8. Other “Home” Resources●Family Bibles●Diaries/journals●Old Letters●Photos●School records●Military records●Certificates●Obituaries●Funeral cards
  9. 9. Accuracy, Proof & EvidenceFact FictionThere is a big difference betweenproving a fact and wanting somethingto be true. Build your proof on solidevidence.
  10. 10. Citing Sources●A way for someone else to follow yourresearch●Examples:●Clark County birth records, Vol. #5,Pg.128●US Census 1860, Iowa County, Wis.,Town of Dodgeville, Pg. 590,Dwelling 167
  11. 11. Record Keeping●Paper filing systems– Forms– Binders– File folders– Organizing
  12. 12. Record Keeping●Research Notebook– List of goals– Journal– Blank forms– Note Paper– Tie sources to people & places
  13. 13. Computer Record Systems●Free Programs– Personal Ancestral File (PAF)– GRAMPS– Brothers Keeper– Roots Magic Essentials●GEDCOM file format
  14. 14. Computer Record Systems●For Purchase Programs– Family Tree Maker (Win & Mac)– Reunion (Mac)– The Master Genealogist (Win)– Mac Family Tree●en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_genealogy_software
  15. 15. Storing Original Documents●Use archive quality clear sleeves●Store in binders or file folders●Never fold, keep flat●Large documents store flat in boxes●Use interleave papers between sheets
  16. 16. Vital Records●Birth, Marriage & Death– Recorded in county event occurred– Wisconsin started about 1852– Generally available starting 1907– Indexes are usually available– Older records may be in ARC
  17. 17. Vital Records●Basic information●Name●Date●Location●Personrecording●Parents●Other information●Spouse●Witnesses●Cause of death●Burial date
  18. 18. Birth Certificate
  19. 19. Marriage Certificate
  20. 20. Death Certificate
  21. 21. Land Records●Kept by County Register of Deeds●Records of certain transactions●Tract or name index●What information can be found?●Know the county history for oldrecords
  22. 22. Probate Records●Usually in county courthouse●Helpful in finding family members orrelationships●Guardian proceedings may be theretoo
  23. 23. Newspapers●A huge source of information●Obituaries & death notices●Birth announcements●Engagement and wedding notices●Judgments●Gossip columns●News articles●Advertisements
  24. 24. Newspapers●Where to find newspaper archives●Paper company●Local libraries●Online●Large papers may host their own●Access.newspaperarchive.com●GenealogyBank.com●Ancestry.com & FamilySearch.org