Laboratory tools and equipment


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  • Laboratory tools and equipment

    1. 1. Laboratory Tools and Equipment
    2. 2. Foreign country settingTHE SCIENCE LABORATORIES…
    3. 3. Philippin e settingTHE SCIENCE LABORATORIES…
    4. 4. Did you know that… Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists working in a laboratory.
    5. 5. Laboratory equipment isgenerally used to either performan experiment or to take measurementsand gather data.
    6. 6. Are you ready to know the different tools and equipment in the laboratory?Here they are...
    7. 7. MeasuringtoolsTesting toolsMagnifyingtools
    8. 8. Glass and Porcelain Equipment
    9. 9. Used to measure the volume of liquidsGraduated Cylinder
    10. 10. Used as a container when measuring approximate volume of liquidsBeaker
    11. 11. Graduated flask used in volumetric analysisFlorence Flask
    12. 12. Erlenmeyer flasks are suitable for heating liquids, e.g. with a Bunsen burner.Erlenmeyer flask
    13. 13. These are widely used by chemists to hold, mix, or heat small quantities of solid or liquid chemicals, especially for qualitative experiments and assays.Test tube
    14. 14. Used in filtration and in transferring liquidfunnel
    15. 15. Used as a container when observing the reaction of a substance when exposed to airWatch glass
    16. 16. Used in mixing solutions; directs the flow of liquidsStirring rod
    17. 17. Used in glass connections, preparation of medicine dropper, glass jets, etc.Glass tube
    18. 18. Used to transfer and measure small amounts of liquidMedicine dropper
    19. 19. Container for evaporationEvaporating dish
    20. 20. Used for grinding solidsMortar and pestle
    21. 21. Container for high- temperature heatingCrucible and cover
    22. 22. Container for observing small amount of solidsSpot plate
    23. 23. Used in determining the temperature of a substancethermometer
    24. 24. Metal Equipmentand Accessories
    25. 25. Iron standUsed to hold iron ring, utility clamp, etc.
    26. 26. Iron clampUsed to hold apparatusin a set-up
    27. 27. Wire gauzePlaced over the iron ring to prevent direct heating
    28. 28. Iron ringUsed assupport to the wire gauze
    29. 29. tripodUsed as astand during heating
    30. 30. Bunsen burner/ alcohol lamp Sources of heat
    31. 31. Test tube rackUsed as a stand for test tubes
    32. 32. Rubber stopperCover for test tubes and flasks; used in glass connections
    33. 33. Clay triangle Holdscrucible andcover during heating process
    34. 34. Test tube holderUsed to hold the test tubeduring heating process
    35. 35. Crucible tongsUsed to hold hotobjects, especi ally crucible and cover
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