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Avcot feb14


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Avcot feb14

  1. 1. NAVY RECRUITING COMMAND By CDR Rob “Big Red” Vadnais Navy Recruiting Command AVCOT
  2. 2. Navy Recruiting Command Mission & Vision Vision The premier recruiting force, using innovation and technology to build America’s Navy for tomorrow. Mission Recruit the best men and women for America’s Navy to accomplish today’s missions and meet tomorrow’s challenges. RECRUITING FORCE 2020 – STRATEGY AND BUSINESS PLAN FOR THE FUTURE 2
  3. 3. Andrews served as Commanding Officer of: Boston Military Entrance Processing Station, Boston, Mass., Navy Recruiting District San Francisco, Calif., and Recruit Training Command (RTC), Great Lakes, Ill. During her tour at RTC she led the training efforts of over 100,000 Sailors for duty in the Fleet and was instrumental in the commissioning of the Navy's only immersive simulator trainer, the USS TRAYER also known as Battle Stations 21. Andrews earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Savannah State University, and a Master of Science Degree in Management from Troy State University. She has been conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters from Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa. Her military education includes a master's degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the College of Naval Command and Staff, Naval War College, Newport, R.I., and she is a graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Va. She is designated as a joint qualified officer. Andrews' decorations include: the Legion of Merit (three awards); Defense Meritorious Service Medal (two awards); Meritorious Service Medal; Joint Service Commendation Medal; Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (three awards); Joint Service Achievement Medal, and various other unit citations. Commander, Navy Recruiting Command RDML Annie B. Andrews Rear Adm. Andrews assumed command of Navy Recruiting Command August 29, 2013. As a Navy Human Resources Officer her assignments have been in the areas of manpower, personnel, training and education. Andrews began her career at Naval Station Whiting Field, Milton, Fla., with assignments to Training Air Wing Five, as Assistant Admin Officer, and Helicopter Training Squadron Eight, as Flight Simulator Coordinator. Her next assignment was at the Joint Intelligence Center Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii, as an intelligence analyst. Other assignments and staff assignments included: Director, Counseling and Assistance Center, Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland; officer-in-charge, Navy Personnel Support Activity Detachments Subic Bay and Cubi Point, United States Forces Philippines, Republic of the Philippines; branch head, Deserter Branch/Deserter Apprehension Program (PERS-842), Washington, D.C.; and chief, Requirements Branch and Joint Manpower Planner, Manpower and Personnel Directorate Joint Staff, J-1 in Washington, D.C. She served as executive assistant and naval aide to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserves Affairs in Washington, D.C., and was a senior fellow on the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group (SSG XXX) at the Naval War College, Newport, R.I. Andrews most recently served as the director of Total Force Requirements Division (OPNAV N12).
  4. 4. Navy Recruiting Command 2 Regions 26 Districts 1,459 Stations 65 MEPS 1 “NORU” 1 Reserve Unit 2 Regions 26 Districts 1,459 Stations 65 MEPS 1 Recruiting School house 1 Reserve Unit (MEPS) NRD RE-ALIGNMENT REDUCED 237 STATIONS THROUGH FY13 4 Our FY 13 mission: 44,000 Enlisted ; 4,050 Officer; 3,300 NROTC Applications
  5. 5. The Geography of Navy Recruiting
  6. 6. Key Take-Aways • Delivering high quality, diverse talent to the Fleet. • Talent we seek is not just walking in the door. • Recruiting Force 2020 (RF2020) Strategy realizing efficiencies and cost avoidance. • Resource adjustments necessary as economy recovers. • Future efficiencies possible “IF” IT investment is realized. INVESTMENT IN RECRUITING BUILDS OUR FUTURE NAVY 7
  7. 7. RC GENOFF/ PHYSICIAN ARE NRC’s GREATEST CHALLENGES FY13 Recruiting Mission 8 FY12 Goal FY13 Goal Delta FY13 Accessions % of Goal Active Enlisted 35,980 36,000 +0.1% 36,510 101.4% Reserve Enlisted 8,045 8,000 -0.56% 8,169 102.1% AC General Officer 1,070 1,200 +12.1% 1,155 96.3% AC Medical Officer 780 900 +15.4% 798 88.7% RC General Officer 1,420 1,550 +9.15% 1,176 75.2% RC Medical Officer 405 400 -1.25% 356 75.9% FY13 NROTC Applications 3,200 3,300 +3.13% 3,935 119%
  8. 8. Two Thirds of Male Target Market Does Not Qualify For Navy Service 66% 35% 5% 8% 18% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Total Disqualified Physical & Medical Legal Dependents Drugs/ Alcohol 16M 17 – 24 Male Target Market 5.3M Qualified for Military Service 850,000 Propensed and Qualified It is not enough to just recruit those propensed ……. ……Navy Recruiters must interest the non-propensed NON-PRIOR SERVICE MARKET Source: Lewin Group Study 2007 for disqualifying factors Sources: W&P Pop Estimates 2009 RMIS Propensity JAMRS Youth Poll 2009
  9. 9. Mobile Recruiting Initiative (MRI) Production Recruiters executing mission in .com environment  Mobile computing accessing business application anywhere/anytime  Deploy 4,900 seats 22 Aug 11 – 30 Apr 12  Procured under NMCI Continuation of Service Contract (CoSC)  MRI provides recruiter with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity  MRI kit includes Convertible tablet PC Portable printer Scanner and speakers Roller bag San Diego, CA First Mobile Recruiting Devices deployed Aug 2011: Taking the Sales Force to Future Sailors Investment Necessary For Future Efficiencies Back to Presentation
  10. 10. Future of the Navy!
  11. 11. What can you do to help with recruiting? • Recruiter Screenings • Navy Awareness • Fly Overs • Support Local Recruiters 14
  12. 12. What can you do as an Executive/Commanding Officer? • Counsel separating Sailors and Officers on the value of service in the Selected Reserve. • Be a Navy Ambassador…community service, participate in Veteran’s Day events, visit your college/high school. • Ensure a thorough special duty screening is completed for any Sailor who will be assigned to recruiting duty.
  13. 13. RECRUITING DUTY SCREENING  Program Background: (MILPERSMAN 1306-964) • The mission of recruiting is to recruit men and women for enlisted, officer candidate, and officer status in the Regular and Reserve Components of the Navy. It is one of the most demanding billets in the Navy due to the pressures associated with a fast-paced sales environment. Experience has shown that personnel with a strong record of performance in the Fleet and who are at ease discussing navy programs with others have the ability to succeed on recruiting duty.
  14. 14. RECRUITING DUTY SCREENING  Program Background: (MILPERSMAN 1306- 964) • Production recruiters are typically on independent duty and are often stationed in areas far from military installations and associated support facilities. As such, they may be the only Sailors stationed in areas far from fleet concentration areas.
  15. 15. 19 RECRUITER SCREENING REQUIREMENTS  Reference: MILPERSMAN Articles 1306-900 & 1306-964.  Recruiters must have • Valid Drivers License • Excellent command of the English language • No alcohol related incidents in 3 years or three within the past five years • NAC-LC – “Favorable Adjudication,” i.e., Security Clearance. • Outstanding appearance, military bearing, and conduct • Required OBLISERV for normal tour of duty; those with >15 years must complete a minimum tour prior to transfer to Fleet Reserve Back to Presentation
  16. 16. 20 RECRUITER SCREENING REQUIREMENTS  Recruiters must have • No outstanding Family Advocacy Program cases • No performance marks below 3.0 (in last 36 months) • No NJP violations (in last 36 months) • No significant financial hardships • Completed a medical screening and be fully qualified for reenlistment/retention  Appearance • Within HT/WT Body Fat Standards AT TIME OF TRANSFER • Passed the last three regularly scheduled Physical Fitness Assessments (PFA) • No tattoos contradictory to Navy policy (NAVADMIN 110/06)
  17. 17. 21 RECRUITER SCREENING REQUIREMENTS  Medical disqualifiers/concerns • Member – mental health issues aggravated by stress • Family - Exceptional Family Members require special consideration  Proper placement through Ultimate Duty Assignment (UDA)  Location near major Military Treatment Facility (MTF) or Fleet Concentration Area  Screening signed by CMC and CO/XO/OIC/COS Back to Presentation
  18. 18. BENEFITS OF RECRUITING DUTY  Benefits • SDAP • Desirable locations • Recruiting Command Advancement Program • Special or Supplemental Clothing Monetary Allowance (SSCMA)
  19. 19. Key Take-Aways • Delivering high quality, diverse talent to the Fleet AC/RC Medical, RC General Officer are greatest challenge • Need your assistance in ensuring recruiter screenings are completed in accordance with MILPERSMAN 23
  20. 20. 24 The End Result… U.S. Navy Sailor
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Back Up Slides 26
  23. 23. Web & Social Media Presence Navy Recruiting Sites          Social Networking Sites               Back to Presentation
  24. 24. NRC Manpower and Resources MPN, 5,420 RPN,940 Civilian Personnel, 666 Contract Personnel, 237 MPN, $496.62 RPN, $94.16 Civilian Personnel, $45.68 Contract Personnel, $21.93 Recruiting Support (Non- Mpwr), $66.31 Marketing & Advertising (Non- Mpwr), $67.08 IT (Non-Mpwr), $17.23 Enlistment Incentives, $110.58 Total FY 10 Workforce (7,263) Total FY 10 Operating Costs ($919.59M) Production to Support Ratio ≈ 11 to 1 Reductions through FY12 Marketing & Advertising - 67% Enlisted Incentives - 36% Manpower - 11% IT - 22% 28 Production Recruiters 81% NRD Support 6% NRD Staff 2% NRC Staff 6% NRD/CRF Management 5%