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C51 article marketing worksheet


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This worksheet accompanies Chapter 51 of "Webify Your Business" (2009) by Patrick Schwerdtfeger. This worksheet is about writing and publishing articles on online article directories as a way of marketing yourself and driving traffic to your website.

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C51 article marketing worksheet

  1. 1. Publish Articles Online © 2009, Patrick Schwerdtfeger Article Marketing Basics □ First, create an outline of all the topics you could cover in an article. □ Write valuable 500+ word articles that demonstrate your expertise. □ Include keywords in the title, the first paragraph and throughout the article. □ Include a link and a call-to-action in your “About the Author” section. □ Post your articles to the top article directories as well as your own site. □ Excellent distribution platform: □ Most popular article directory: Notes Ideas for Effective Articles □ What are the most common mistakes your customers are making? □ What are the tips, tricks and tools that would benefit your customers? □ What is the Cultural Revolution in your industry? What is changing? □ EXAMPLE TITLE: “5 Deadly Mistakes of [a particular task]” □ EXAMPLE TITLE: “5 Unfair Secrets to [improve some result]” □ EXAMPLE TITLE: “5 Simple Steps to [achieve something]” Notes Leverage Anchor Text □ Do some keyword research to identify keywords worth targeting. □ Select the keyword phrase you would most like to be ranked high for. □ Include that phrase in your “About the Author” section of each article. □ Put the link (that points to your website or blog) on that keyword phrase. □ Ensure your website or blog is well optimized for the same phrase. Notes