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C41 advanced content = revenue (worksheet)


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This worksheet accompanies Chapter 41 of "Webify Your Business" (2009) by Patrick Schwerdtfeger. This worksheet is about packaging your "advanced" content at the end of your sales funnel, adding revenue and profit to your business.

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C41 advanced content = revenue (worksheet)

  1. 1. Advanced Content © 2009, Patrick Schwerdtfeger Package Your Advanced Content □ Define precisely what you do and how it benefits your prospective customers. □ Never charge by the hour. Always sell packaged solutions, priced on value. □ Advanced content can be anything, including a product or consulting services. Notes Support the Sales Funnel □ Make sure all your beginner and intermediate content plugs your advanced. □ Every single piece of content you publish should have a strong call-to-action. Notes Build Confidence □ It’s difficult to sell your own products or services for the first time. □ Build confidence as your email list grows and you receive positive feedback. □ Never underestimate the passion of your audience. Some love you already! Notes Understand Who Benefits □ Most people see themselves as the only beneficiary of selling their products. □ Think the opposite way. The buyer needs to benefit MORE than you. □ Expand the frame! Multiply your most expensive price by 10 and sell THAT. □ Always offer terrific value but think BIGGER about the solutions you provide. Notes