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C28 conversations are markets (worksheet)


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This worksheet accompanies Chapter 28 of "Webify Your Business" (2009) by Patrick Schwerdtfeger. This worksheet is about the notion that conversations online are markets. If you wish to access your market on today's social internet, you need to find and participate in the conversation.

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C28 conversations are markets (worksheet)

  1. 1. Conversations are Markets © 2009, Patrick Schwerdtfeger Conversations are Markets □ To access your “market” on the internet, participate in the conversation. □ That implies two steps: find the conversation first and then contribute to it. □ People enjoy buying things. Conversations help them justify those purchases. Notes Find the Conversation □ People are already talking about what you do, and searching for it. □ Find the volume keywords people are using to find information in your field. □ Search blogs, forums, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Meetup and Twitter. Notes Participate in the Conversation □ By participating in the conversation, you build awareness for your brand. □ Awareness leads to interest. Interest leads to demand. Start with awareness. □ Be interactive. Interaction leads to trust. Trust is essential before they BUY. Notes Facilitate the Conversation □ Those who facilitate the conversation are seen as leaders within it. □ Blogs allow comments, forums allow contributions & social media allow dialog. □ Engage your community by interacting and replying to contributions. Notes