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Blog Carnivals
                                                                 © 2009, Patrick Schwerdtfeger

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C27 blog carnivals worksheet


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This worksheet accompanies Chapter 27 of "Webify Your Business" (2009) by Patrick Schwerdtfeger. This worksheet is about blog carnivals and how you can use them to build valuable inbound links for SEO purposes and also attract targeted website visitors to your blog.

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C27 blog carnivals worksheet

  1. 1. Blog Carnivals © 2009, Patrick Schwerdtfeger What are Blog Carnivals? □ Blog Carnivals are essentially online magazines hosted on a particular blog. □ Bloggers can contribute posts and, if accepted, be featured in the carnival. □ Primary blog carnival clearing house: Notes Submit Your Blog Posts □ Regularly submit your posts to every carnival with an appropriate topic. □ Create and host your own carnivals, becoming a central resource in your field. □ Include trackbacks to all your contributors when you publish your carnival. Notes Host Your Own Blog Carnival □ Consider hosting your own blog carnival and registering it on □ Accept submissions from bloggers in your field (facilitating the conversation). Notes Primary Objectives □ Submitting to carnivals is a great way to get inbound links to your blog posts. □ Hosting carnivals is a great way to get trackback links to your blog. □ Hosting carnivals also puts you at the center of the blogosphere in your field. □ Blog carnivals are great “link bait” on social bookmarking platforms. Notes