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C22 understanding the blogosphere (worksheet)


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This worksheet accompanies Chapter 22 of "Webify Your Business" (2009) by Patrick Schwerdtfeger. This worksheet is about the blogosphere and how to function within it. There is definitely a new culture out there and those not yet savvy need to acquaint themselves with the new ways of doing things.

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C22 understanding the blogosphere (worksheet)

  1. 1. The Blogosphere © 2009, Patrick Schwerdtfeger Create Your Own Blog □ Blogs and websites can look similar but are organized very differently. □ All of the latest technologies revolve around blogs and blog functionality. □ Blogs rank much higher on search engines than traditional static websites. Primary Search Engine Ranking Criteria □ The quantity of unique relevant content. [blogs often become huge] □ The newness or freshness of that content. [bloggers update regularly] □ The link structure surrounding the website. [bloggers link to everything] Notes WordPress Open Source Platform □ WordPress offers a powerful option to build a website and blog at no charge. □ There are two options for setting up a WordPress website / blog, as follows: □ URL is □ URL is □ Files are hosted at □ Files are installed on your host □ Traffic surge won’t overwhelm site □ Traffic surge could overwhelm site □ No technical knowledge required □ Requires more technical knowledge □ Upgrades occur automatically □ You have to upgrade manually □ Access to limited theme options □ Access to more custom themes □ No access to plugins □ Access to countless plugins □ You cannot modify the code □ You can modify the code directly WordPress Resources □ WordPress Theme Directory – select a look and feel from 100s of options. □ WordPress Plugin Directory – plugins add functionality to your website / blog. □ Here are some recommended plugins Tactical Execution uses regularly: □ Akismet (comment spam) □ cforms (custom online forms) □ All-in-one SEO pack □ Twitter Tools (Twitter integration) □ CommentLuv □ ShareThis (social bookmarking) □ Global Translator □ Related Posts (based on tags) □ Google XML Sitemaps □ WordPress Event Calendar