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C06 business elevator pitch (worksheet)


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This worksheet accompanies Chapter 6 of "Webify Your Business" (2009) by Patrick Schwerdtfeger. This worksheet is about writing a short and concise elevator pitch for your business. This particular model breaks it down into 4 sentences, each with a different purpose.

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C06 business elevator pitch (worksheet)

  1. 1. Elevator Pitch © 2009, Patrick Schwerdtfeger Defining the Objective □ Concisely describe what you do in 30 seconds or less (75-90 words). □ Get people to know what you sell, want what you sell and buy what you sell. Sentence #1: Identify Yourself □ This sentence lays the foundation by telling people exactly who you are. My name is … and I am a(n) … specializing in … Sentence #2: Describe Your Specialty □ Identify the problem and the PAIN, and describe how you provide the solution. What specifically do you do … Sentence #3: Differentiate Yourself □ What makes you better? Why are you different? Set yourself apart. □ Establish credibility, build value & provide social proof (testimonials). Why you’re the best at what you do … Sentence #4: Call-To-Action □ Tell them what to do. Be specific. What do you want them to do? Say it! How do they get started?