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C03 limiting beliefs & belief systems (worksheet)


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This worksheet accompanies Chapter 3 of "Webify Your Business" (2009) by Patrick Schwerdtfeger. This worksheet is about belief systems and how limiting beliefs hold most of us back from achieving our true potential. Conquer your own belief systems and watch your results explode.

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C03 limiting beliefs & belief systems (worksheet)

  1. 1. Limiting Beliefs © 2009, Patrick Schwerdtfeger Belief Systems define what’s “possible”. □ First in history, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile on May 6, 1954. □ His record was broken only 46 days later. The underlying belief changed. Where you are now. > Belief Systems > Where you want to be. How to adjust your Belief Systems □ You can start in any quadrant you like, as long as you go in the right direction. □ Take “baby steps” to ensure a pattern of success, building your confidence. Beliefs Decisions Results Actions Manifesting Your Own Success □ If you start in the Beliefs quadrant, begin visualizing your success now. □ If you start in the Decisions quadrant, make that critical decision today. □ If you start in the Actions quadrant, map out a detailed action plan. □ If you start in the Results quadrant, be careful because you risk more. □ Focus on your desired outcome, as if you had already accomplished it.