how to pass CEED NID exam


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how to pass the design entrance exams like CEED or NID
1 Hour
is all you got for CEED 2014 Section A.
Prepare yourself with 5 ON-LINE mock tests for Section A:

CEED 2014

DesignShastra On-line mock tests are designed considering the constantly evolving CEED pattern. You will get a hands on experience to attempt section A questions in time. The analysis of the solved questions will also be available instantly. You can review your attempts and understand your strong areas as well as come to know the areas which will need your further attention and preparation.

The online 'Ticking clock' and the race against time will also help you to prepare for the actual challenge. The 5 Test series will help you to understand your weak and strong areas with the immediate analysis. You may use it to decide on the strategy for approaching the real exam. Being said that, please use these test just as a rough estimate of your true potential. The idea behind making such tests available to you is only to help you prepare well for the actual exam and enhance confidence. The one PRACTICE test will help you get familiar with this online environment.

Practice test contains 15 questions which needs to be solved in 15 minutes. You will get a report of your performance. You will also be able to understand the next step to get 5 CEED online mock tests from the same account.

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  • check this link for NIFT/ NID diagnostic tests.
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how to pass CEED NID exam

  1. 1. www.designshastra.comC’Des CourseC’Des CourseThe promise to deliver quality Design education
  2. 2. About DesignShastra CDes course:Every designer who has gone through the design entrance exams like CEED or NID,has his/her own story of how he/she came to know about that exam. How theyprepared for it. Maybe someday even you will have your own.DesignShastras Introduction to Design - course is based on those preparationstories and will be taught by the IDC IIT BOMBAY Alumni and Industryprofessionals. The emphasis will be on teaching Design Thinking and making youexam ready for any design aptitude test.C’Des CourseC’Des CourseThe promise to deliver quality Design education
  4. 4. Communicate your ideas
  5. 5. Practice
  6. 6. Surprise others
  7. 7. Display your work
  8. 8. Stay curious
  9. 9. Testimonials:Mayur Chavan (Batch 2012-13)CEED AIR 18 Learned design in a joyful way. Icouldnt have attempted 100% CEEDwithout DesignShastra help.
  10. 10. ObserveObserve
  11. 11. Question…?
  12. 12. Articulate
  13. 13. ExploreExplore
  14. 14. Create
  15. 15. "Creativity is contagious, pass it on" - Albert EinsteinTestimonials:Shruti Sale (Batch 2012-13)CEED AIR 10I liked the most about DesignShastra -a batch were less andthe personal attention towards each and every student was given .It is not seen in many such courses.Guest lectures were very much interesting and was truly help full.
  16. 16. Get a chance to show your Creativity
  17. 17. Belief
  18. 18. Group learning
  19. 19. Learning and enjoy
  20. 20. Testimonials:Piyush Churad (Batch 2012-13)CEED AIR 92" It was a great experience at DesignShastra.You yourself will find a change after attending the course.Amritansh Vaish (Batch 2011-12)"Classes were lot of fun and at the same time informative.The program really changed the way I saw things. Thanks for that!Umesh Gajbhiye -(Batch 2011-12)“Design Shastra was really an awesome experience... it gave a new start to my life…
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