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Dra salud final


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Dra salud final

  1. 1. “Es mejor prevenir que tener que lamentar” “It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent.” Powered by
  2. 2. Users login to the application viaDra. Salud does not post on theuser’s behalf.Users can choose to share contentfrom or thenewsfeed with others usingfacebook or via email.
  3. 3. Usability & Design “ I like the design of your app. Clean, bright colors”- Submitted by Patricia Salber on Wed January 16th 2013 ”I dont speak Spanish but found the screens intuitively navigable regardless, so good user experience design”.- Submitted by Karen Michaeli on Thu January 17th 2013
  4. 4. Evidence of Co-Design with End User Submitted by Grace Salas on Wed January 23rd 2013Thank you for your feedback. I have updated the project with a new test version that incorporates some of your feedback. It includes : -a button to set the users prefered language (spanish/English) - expanded content to include all healthfinder topics -improve dra. salud character -functionality to email a topic or to share it using facebook -screen shot of the profile page
  5. 5. Innovation in Design Users can mark topics or news articles to be retrieved during their next doctor’s visit. This application can be used by anyone who is interested in a tool that helps them follow up with their health. User’s can track health information individually by creating multiple profiles.
  6. 6. Connection to Clinical Preventive Services &Wellness Information Dra. Salud map functionality uses Google’s Places api which allows users to find health services using the same database used by Google maps. Google Places has over 80 million owner-verified listings which are frequently updated.
  7. 7. Health Literacy Branding We organize and extend the content of, with social media, email and location based functionality.