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Exercise Past Tense Verb To Be


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Exercise Past Tense Verb To Be

  2. 2. FILL IN THE BLANKS THE FOLLOWING CONVERSATION. USE THE PAST TENSE OF THE VERB TO BE James: Luisa, Where ___did __ You born? Luisa: I __ was____ born in Jamaica and you? James: I__was___ born in England? Do you know it? Luisa: yes, I__were__ there for two years when I___was__ a teen.
  3. 3. James: oh! I see. Luisa: Do you know my country? James: no, But I _were__ in New York three years ago. By the way, it´s a beautiful city but it is very crowded. Have you been there? Luisa: My cousins and I __were__ there last year. That is a cosmopolitan city. I liked it a lot. I love its museums. It is plenty of touristic places and night clubs. James: That´s true. Well, I have an appointment near here. See you. Luisa: See you soon.