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  1. 1. Omuta Human Habitat 0842012 Kei 0842022 Yumi
  2. 2. Mitsui Minato Club This building was built in 1908 by the Shimizu group. Now it is used for restaurant, marriage ceremonies, parties, and tea time. It is also known to old fashioned building. HP: /
  3. 3. Omuta city hall This building was built in 1936 and made of concrete. It has four floor. Height is 34.1 meter. There is 1378 square meter. This building is built near the Omuta station.
  4. 4. Sanden main office room This building was built in 1909. It was used for transformer substation before. Now this building is used for main office room. Its area is 460 square meter. Building block is way of Great Britain.
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